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Information on World Naked Bike Ride events in the United Kingdom...

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The UK World Naked Bike Ride fund provides local organisers with
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Ride locations

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Registering your interest

Whether you want to get actively involved in helping a ride be a success, or just wish to get the occasional email reminder about upcoming rides, please register your interest via the Sign Up box on the Worldwide site. We will usually acknowledge each registration, especially if you have a specific question or can offer to help. It is, however, not a requirement that riders register in this way.

Most rides also have a public Yahoo group to which you can subscribe and then discuss issues with others involved in that town or city. Sign up to Yahoo then, in Groups, search for WNBR and your town or city, and apply to become a member of the group if it exists. If it doesn't, then why not start one!

There are also Facebook Groups with a similar purpose as well as Facebook Events that focus on specific upcoming rides. Organisers may also use Twitter to communicate with followers.

Future rides

The 2012 rides will be held in June 2012. London will likely hold their ride on Saturday 9 June 2012, and Brighton on Sunday 10 June 2012.

The following rides are expected to take place in 2012:

Saturday 26th May

??? June 2012

Saturday 9th June 2012

Sunday 10th June 2012

Other ride locations (TBC)

These cities have participated in previous years but have not yet set dates for 2012

Possible Future Rides

Other towns that may participate in the future are:

These rides can be brought into being if organisers step forward and offer to work to make them happen. All rides are organised by local riders.

Other upcoming events

The World Naked Bike Ride anticipates holding a stall at the following events (among others).

Environmental Rock
Monday 2 May 2011, 12 noon - 6pm (times are approximate, check website for details)
The Hobbit pub, 134 Bevois Valley Road, Southampton, SO14 0JZ

Events After the WNBR

Press enquiries

Press work is usually handled by local ride coordinators or press officers. For UK-wide information, see the United Kingdom Media Information page.


For the 2009 rides, full colour A4 posters have been printed for each ride. If more are needed, PDF versions of them can be downloaded for:

to be printable locally.


The United Kingdom FAQ page answers questions especially relevant to UK riders and organisers.


UK laws relating to public nudity

The following links will be of interest to people organising rides in the UK:

Police restrictions

From 2004 to 2011, there have been 50 UK Naked Bike Rides with a cumulative total of 11,000+ riders in 13 locations, and no arrests.

It is unlikely that police will object to nudity at future rides in England and Wales. Local police officially acknowledged the legality of full nudity at all rides from 2007 onward. They required people to wear clothes at three English rides (Brighton, Manchester and Bristol) in 2006, but have made no such restrictions at later events.

In contrast, Scottish police have never officially allowed full nudity at the four Edinburgh rides in 2004, 2008, 2010, and 2011. No arrest have been made, so the legality of the Scottish police's position has never actually been tested in court.

For UK rides where full nudity wasn't permitted, police requirements of body coverage seemed to be similar. The groin area needed to be covered, as did female nipples. However, buttocks could be shown by either men or women.

Media coverage

This section needs updating. There have been much TV, Radio, print and online coverage of the WNBR in the UK, but most of this info is stored with the local ride's webpages.







Summary of the History

2011 - 1,898 riders in 10 rides (all were part of Team Green Britain Bike Week)
2010 - 2,500 riders in 9 rides (all were part of Team Green Britain Bike Week)
2009 - 2,330 riders in 8 rides
2008 - 1,842 riders in 8 rides
2007 - 1,437 riders in 5 rides (all were part of Bike Week)
2006 - 1,067 riders in 5 rides (all were part of Bike Week except Bristol)
2005 - 270 riders in 2 rides (both were part of Bike Week)
2004 - 130 riders in 3 rides in the UK during the first year of the WNBR


  • Manchester: Fri 3 June, 6pm (150 riders)
  • York: Sat 4 June, 4pm (66 riders)
  • Portsmouth: Fri 10 June, 11:30am (28 riders)
  • Southampton: Fri 10 June, 6pm (143 riders)
  • Exeter: Sat 11 June, 10am (41 riders)
  • Edinburgh: Sat 11 June, 3pm (10 riders in very cold wet conditions) Police prevented full nudity, as in 2004.
  • London: Sat 11 June, 3pm (1000 riders)
  • Cardiff: Sat 11 June, 3pm (60+ riders)
  • Brighton & Hove: Sun 12 June, 12pm (300 riders in very cold wet conditions)
  • Bristol: Sun 19 June, 11am (100? riders)


  • Southampton: Fri 11 June, 6pm (130 riders)
  • Manchester: Fri 11 June, 6pm (100 riders)
  • Edinburgh: Sat 12 June, 3pm (20 riders) Police prevented full nudity, as in 2004.
  • London: Sat 12 June, 12pm (18 riders on the Sipson to Hyde Park 15 mile feeder ride)
  • London: Sat 12 June, 3pm (1000 riders on the London main ride)
  • Cardiff: Sat 12 June, 3pm (50 riders)
  • Bristol: Sun 13 June, 11am (200 riders)
  • Brighton & Hove: Sun 13 June, 12pm (850 riders)
  • Sheffield: Sat 19 June, 10am (35 riders)
  • York: Sat 19 June, 4pm (100 riders)


  • York: Fri 12 June, 5pm (100 riders)
  • Southampton: Fri 12 June, 6pm (150 riders)
  • Manchester: Fri 12 June, 6pm (100 riders)
  • Sheffield: Sat 13 June, 10am (18 riders)
  • London: Sat 13 June, 3pm (1,200 riders - largest daytime naked ride in history)
  • Cardiff: Sat 13 June, 3pm (62 riders)
  • Edinburgh: Sat 13 June, 3pm (2 riders - spontaneous/self-organised ride)
  • Brighton & Hove: Sun 14 June, 1.30pm (700 riders)


  • Southampton: Fri 6 June, 6pm (156 riders)
  • Brighton & Hove: Sat 7 June, 11am (400 riders, 8-mile route)
  • York: Sat 7 June, 4pm (90 riders)
  • Sheffield: Sun 8 June, 2pm (29 riders)
  • Manchester: Fri 13 June, 6pm (90 riders)
  • London: Sat 14 June, 3pm (1,000 riders, 6-mile route)
  • Cardiff: Sat 14 June, 3.30pm (37 riders)
  • Edinburgh: Sun 29 June, 3pm (30-40 riders) Police prevented full nudity, as in 2004.


  • York: Fri 8 June, 5pm (65 riders, 5-mile route)
  • Southampton: Fri 8 June, 6pm (102 riders)
  • Manchester: Fri 8 June, 6pm (50 riders)
  • Brighton: Sat 9 June, 10am (220 riders, 7-mile route)
  • London: Sat 9 June, 3pm (1,000 riders, 6-mile route)


  • York: Fri 9 June, 5pm (60 riders, 5-mile route)
  • Manchester: Fri 9 June, 5pm (30 riders). Police prevented full nudity.
  • Brighton: Sat 10 June, 10am (160 riders, 6-mile route). Police prevented full nudity.
  • London: Sat 10 June, 3pm (800 riders, 6-mile route)
  • Bristol: Sat 14 October (17 riders on a spontaneous route for 1 hour). Police prevented full nudity.


  • London: Sat 10 June, 3pm (250 riders, 6-mile route) The first ride for which police consented to nudity in advance.
  • Bath: Sun 11 June (20 riders at the Wacky Races event for The Wheel Thing)


  • Edinburgh: Sat 12 June, afternoon (70 riders on a spontaneous route). Police prevented full nudity.
  • Sussex: Sat 12 June – two brave riders made the smallest UK WNBR to date
  • London: Sat 12 June, 8pm (58 riders on a negotiated spontaneous 2.5 mile route through Hyde Park)



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