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The Exeter WNBR is part of Bike Week

Bike Week

Please donate to the WNBR UK Fund

The UK World Naked Bike Ride fund provides local organisers with
money for poster/flyer printing, advertising, ride equipment etc.
Please give generously.

Next ride

Date: Saturday 29 Jun 2019
Time: 13.00 (start opens 11.00 for body painting)
Location: Floodplain next to Trews Weir Exeter (Just South of Exeter Quay)SX924914 - near EX2 4JS

History and Media Coverage


07 Jul 2018 40 riders


There was a ride on 28 June 2014. Around 30 riders took part. There was thunder and rain, but many smiles! Apparently Gary Numan saw us.


There was a second ride on Saturday 9 June 2012.


This was the first WNBR held in Exeter, on Saturday 11 June 2011.


The law

see Police Statement to BBC TV at Portsmouth WNBR 2011

Discussion group/s

Facebook site: Main site for ride [1]


Running Bear sirsqrl@gmail.com

Location information

2014 start http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=292450&y=91450&z=0&sv=sx924914&st=5&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf