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There is talk of A Nottingham WNBR again so we have setup new Facebook accounts to see how much interest there is in this ride so watch this space.'

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The Nottingham WNBR is part of Samsung Bike Week (16-24 June 2012).

Samsung Bike Week, 16-24 June 2012

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Next ride

Date: 2012 ride POSTPONED due to extreme weather
Time: 2012 ride POSTPONED due to extreme weather
Location: 2012 ride POSTPONED due to extreme weather

Route and schedule

Robin Hood memorial near Nottingham Castle

The route for the first Nottingham World Naked Bike Ride is almost finalised and is currently under discussion with Nottinghamshire Police. Full details of the planned route can be found on Google maps. It takes in extensive parts of the city visiting the Robin Hood statue and the Old Market Square with plenty of opportunity for sight seeing along the way! Most of the route is easy cycling on level roads but there will be the inevitable hill coming back out of the city centre. This is no race though so it will not be too strenuous.

Everyone is encouraged to go "as bare as they dare" and please don't forget to affix/paint signs on your bike and/or body to indicate the reason why you are riding.

Reaching the start/finish site

The planned start and finish location is The Arboretum Park, an historic botanical garden just to the north of Nottingham city centre. This is currently (as at 27th May) subject to confirmation from the city council that there are no other events at that time.
We will be using the North Sherwood Street entrance to The Arboretum to avoid the tram tracks on Waverley Street and the lane closure due to construction work on Shakespeare Street.

Arriving by train

If you are arriving by train the CycleStreets journey planner suggests these possible routes from Nottingham Station to the entrance of The Arboretum although taking the direct route is the most straightforward. Note that it is possible to go even more directly between Nottingham Station and The Arboretum than the routing suggests but the OpenStreetMap data may need updating to reflect this (a worthy community based project if anybody is inclined to help out!)

Arriving by car

If you must arrive by car please consider the carbon footprint of your journey and car share where possible.
The nearest suitable car parking facility is at The Forest Park and Ride which is free and is readily accessible from major routes into Nottingham. Note that barriers on the car park entrance may cause problems for bikes on roof racks. In this case you could park on Gregory Boulevard, remove your bike, cycle over to the tram stop and lock up your bike at the cycle racks, then park up in the car park if you intend to stay in Nottingham for a few hours.
From here it is a short (but steep) cycle ride southwards to The Arboretum.

Publicity: Flyers and Posters

The poster linked here can be used to publicise the 2012 ride: File:WNBR NGM 2012.pdf
An alternative poster based on the Manchester design is available here: File:NGM 2012 poster.pdf

Ride safety

To ensure that this event shows cycling in a positive light, and for your safety and that of bystanders please take note of the following information.

Whilst on the ride you must ride with care and take all reasonable steps to avoid accidents.

When entering the Arboretum take note of the signs at the entrances which request that all cyclists show consideration for other park users. There are no paths or areas in the park which are solely for cyclists. Cycle slowly, give way to pedestrians and dismount if the park is busy.

Short sections of the route require us to use shared-use paths. Take extra care when cycling near pedestrians and dismount if necessary.

Whilst cycling all riders must do so lawfully and observe all traffic signs, lights, road markings and the instructions of any police officers we may encounter en route. This means we STOP at red lights; if the group becomes separated shout ahead and the leaders will wait to regroup after the lights. This approach has been agreed in consultation with Notts Police.

Be aware that short sections of the planned route follow the tracks of Nottingham’s tram system. When cycling near tram tracks or attempting to cross them take extra care.

The following advice is reproduced from the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) leaflet ‘Cyclists and trams.’ The leaflet can be read in full by downloading from

Some tips for cyclists near tram tracks:

  • Only cycle alongside and cross the tracks if it is absolutely necessary
  • Use designated cycle lanes, parallel routes and designated crossing points where available
  • If you do cycle along the tram route, do not cycle on the rails - take care and if it becomes necessary to cross - e.g. on the approach to tram stops - do not cross at a fine angle
  • Always cross tracks as close to 90 degrees as possible
  • Prepare to cross the tracks well in advance
  • Check behind early enough to concentrate solely on crossing the tracks and ensure the manoeuvre is not rushed
  • Make other road users aware of your intentions through appropriate hand signals
  • Dismount and cross on foot if necessary

Bicycle hire

There is a limited choice for bicycle hire in central Nottingham. After making enquiries in 2012 only Bunneys Bikes on Carrington Street was offering such a service. Fortunately they are only around 50 metres from the train station.

Their contact details are:
Bunneys Bikes Ltd 0115 9472713