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Date: 16 July 2023
Time: ..
Location: ..

Welcome to Seattle's World Naked Bike Ride wiki pages!

Every year, in cities around the world, thousands ride bikes naked to celebrate human-powered transport and the power and individuality of the human body. WNBR demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and offers a simple, cheap, healthy + fun alternative to car culture. We hope you can join us!

First time? Visit the main page of the WNBR International wiki website which has the most info on our international event.


Seattle Archive

In 2003, Seattle became only the second city in the world to organize a WNBR event, the first of which was launched in June of 2004.
Please visit our Seattle Archive page. Please contact Troy Mars at to add any links or info to a particular ride. The Archive provides a way for people to share Facebook and google photo albums, YouTube and news article links. The more emails I get the more richer experience the Archive will be for everyone. Thanks for your help.


Use this QR code to send people to this wiki page.

Contact form

You can contact us by filling out form on the WNBR Seattle Join page.

Wiki website

  • You are here! This is the WNBR Seattle wiki site (most detailed info about the events can be found here).



The best way to contact organizer Daniel Johnson and the WNBR Seattle team is via telephone: (206) 452-3820 (Skype number - please call first) or (206) 369 - 2661 (mobile phone/voice mail - please only call if you need to speak with Daniel immediately)

Other, less effective, methods:

  • Fill out form on the WNBR Seattle join page (use the comment area and select a ride or rides from the drop down menu).
  • E-mail Daniel directly using his temporary, spam-reduction e-mail address: j0in+hefun@ WNBR sea++le d0+ 0rg (use only letter equivalents, for example use "t" instead of "+".)
  • Fill out form on the main WNBR page (use the comment area and select Seattle from the drop down menu).
  • Leave a message at his discussion page (which he doesn't check very often)


We don't have a dedicated photography sharing group on Flickr yet, but its probably just a matter of time. Click here for search results for WNBR Seattle on Flickr. You can find many images in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Naked Exuberance Group. Please also see our video and photo policy.


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We need your money to help make the magic happen! Please click here to go to our donations page to support our event! We need money for permitting fees, rentals, materials costs, multiple web domains for our different affiliated rides + privacy registration fees. We also need money for promotion expenses (flying, printing and advertising). Our organizers would also appreciate money for software updates which are very costly (Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks; Apple Final Cut Pro, iMovie; Hype and other programs). We also have a separate legal fund account, which has not been active since 2010.