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Please read the following practical information carefully. Please print out a copy for any friends you know are coming on the ride and who do not have access to email.

Participants are encouraged to:

Sign up

  • Find a ride on the List of rides page. If your city isn't there, you can get involved in organising a local event.
  • Sign up using the form on the upper right of the World Naked Bike Ride home page
  • If you can volunteer to help in any way (putting up flyers etc), please mention this in the comment box
  • Having submitted the form, local organisers will be notified of your interest and may add you to mailing lists etc

Australia: Skip the procedure above – it is unnecessary to register your intention to ride in any Australian WNBR. Visit the WNBR Australia website for information on your local city's ride, or the list of Australian rides or browse Category: Australia. If your city is not included, please join the WNBR Australia Yahoo! Group and post a message stating where you want to ride. Most cities that are holding rides have their own Yahoo! and/or Facebook groups that you can join for updates. Some cities use the WNBR Australia Yahoo! Group too.

Find out more

  • Visit the List of rides page for information on your local or national rides
  • Take note of the date, start time and location of the event
  • Join any local discussion groups to keep up-to-date on the ride details, opportunities for getting involved, and any last-minute announcements

Check your bike

Make sure your bike is roadworthy. In particular check:

  • Brakes work properly
  • Tyres are sufficiently inflated
  • Chain runs freely and the gear changes are smooth
  • No obvious loose connections (check especially your handlebars, saddle, cranks, pedals)
  • Wheels run true (don't wobble from side to side when moving)
  • Lights have charged batteries (if night ride or you cycle home in the dark)

What to bring


  • Bike, skates or a skateboard
    (if you haven't got one, you could hire or borrow one)
  • Bag/s to carry clothes etc
    Bags attached to your bike – eg: panniers – are best as they are less visually obtrusive, do not make your back sweat, and will not obscure slogans you may choose to write on your body. If you do not have a pannier, saddle, rack or handlebar-bag, use a backpack to leave both hands free. Avoid draping bags over your handlebars!
  • Front and rear lights
    (in case it's dark on the ride or when you're going home)
  • Water and snacks
  • Sunscreen (Apply before body paint)
  • Shoes (Barefoot riding not recommended)

Useful extras

  • Basic bike tool kit, including a spare inner tube and means of dealing with punctures
  • Bicycle pump
  • Bells, whistles, horns etc to make noise
  • Battery operated string lights and other light-up decorations for night rides

Ride etiquette

During the ride there should be a ride leader and back marker. Ride will have either stewards or police escort who will hold up the traffic at junctions when necessary to keep the riders together. For everyone's safety, please observe the following advice:

  • Do not stray from the route or other riders
  • Do not race ahead or overtake the ride leader, especially if you do not know the way
  • Try not to drop behind the back marker
  • Be aware of pedestrians
  • On shared-use paths, keep to the side marked as a cycle lane. If cycle lane is marked, be prepared to stop if pedestrians or dogs get in your way
  • Follow normal traffic rules, stopping at red lights etc unless directed to clear a junction by a steward, who will temporarily hold up traffic on your behalf
  • Creativity and decoration of bikes and bodys is strongly encouraged. If you have body paints, please bring them along. Leaves and other greenery are also useful for draping or twisting around the body. There are lots more ideas at Art bike and Body art
  • If you want to carry banners, flags or flagpoles please ensure these are attached to your bike in a safe way so that they can't get caught in your wheels, make mounting or dismounting difficult or annoy other riders. In particular avoid anything with sharp edges. Bamboo poles with banners can be attached above head height, but unless you have previous experience of this (plus a strong pannier rack and lots of gaffa tape), it's best not to attempt it
  • If you wear a mask, make sure it does not restrict your vision of the road or the other riders around you

Remember: ride proud, ride safely and have fun... Ride on!