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WNBR Nudecastle 2008

  • Date: Sunday 9 March 2008
  • Time: 2:00PM
  • Location: Next to Warabrook Station in Rosegum Road Reserve, Warabrook

See Newcastle archive for:

  • WNBR Nudecastle 2008 Ride Report by Marte Kinder.
  • WNBR Nudecastle 2008 Ride Report by Daniel.

Media Coverage

Any good reason to get naked

February 08– March 08, World Naked Bike Ride Nudecastle 08.

Ride location and how to get there

Assemble at the red bicycle, in Rosegum Road Reserve on the northern side of the rail line at Warabrook Station. Please do not drive to the event because it will create greenhouse gases and contradicts the purpose of the event. Please ride your bike to the assembly place or take the train if it is too far for you to ride. CityRail allows passengers to take their bikes on the train.

Warabrook Station

CityRail Timetables

Hunter Line
Newcastle & Central Coast Line
  • Central to Hamilton (and on to Newcastle via Strathfield or Chatswood Weekends). All change at Hamilton for Hunter Line.

How to participate

Read the following information first. This page is the most important source of information on WNBR Newcastle.
After this page read the other Wiki WNBR Newcastle pages (Newcastle_archive and Newcastle_previous_ride) and have a look at WNBR Australia (official site).

In months before the ride

It may seem like things are quiet between World Naked Bike Rides but the Newcastle organisers are working now to make the WNBR Nudecastle 2008 enjoyable for everyone. In the lead-up to the WNBR there are many other community grassroots events in Newcastle that are of interest to Naturists, Biketivists, Pacifists and Environmentalists. Have a look at the links to organisations that endorse the WNBR in Newcastle (see Newcastle#Endorsement below) and Australia and you will find something that will inspire your passion for expressing yourself for the benefit of the planet. All the organisations that endorse WNBR are friendly though our closest ally is Critical Mass (see Newcastle#Critical_Mass below). WNBR Nudecastle encourages everyone interested in participating in WNBR to also participate in Critical Mass.

Get a bike

Do you need a bike? Are you broke? Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre has going bikes from $5 to $50 or you can fix an old bike for yourself for FREE! Volunteers & bike/part donations welcome. Open most Saturdays 9 to 5, 106 Robert St Islington, phone 49616582.

Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre poster

Getting email updates before the ride

If you want to have emails sent to you with details of pre-ride events, reminders of the WNBR Nudecastle time and start location, or discuss any apects of the upcoming ride: you need to join the discussion group (see Newcastle#Discussion_group.2Fs below). If you have not got a Yahoo! account, you can set one up for free in about 5 minutes. You can use your existing email account or get a Yahoo! email account for free. You can set the email account up using a nickname if you want to as well. The management of Yahoo! have classified the discussion group as "adults only" but only because they are puritanical prudes who do not know the difference between the human body and pornography. WNBR is nothing to do with pornography so do not worry.


You do not have to register, pay money, sign anything or give your personal details to anyone. There are suggestions on the international pages of WNBR websites that say you should complete the on-line registration process. This is NOT mandatory for the WNBR Nudecastle. Vetted media people will attend the WNBR Nudecastle 2008 to photograph and video the event so if you have any concerns about this you should consider painting your face, wearing a novel mask or big dark sunglasses to preserve your anonymity.


The laws that are relevant to public nudity in New South Wales are applicable througout the state. For discussion of this topic, please refer to the separate page about New South Wales Laws.

Women’s Support Woman

Christabel has volunteered for the role of Women’s Support Woman for WNBR Nudecastle. The Women’s Support Woman (WSW) role is to offer special support to women who have any concerns about their participation or potential participation in the event. The WSW will be attending the whole of the event and will be available to help all women participants. The WSW will be making a special effort to ensure that female participants feel comfortable while being a mentor. If you wish to assist in this role or would like to ask any relevant questions, please approach Christabel before the ride.

The Actual WNBR Nudecastle 2008

It does not matter if you have done none of the suggested pre-ride activities above because you are still most welcome to take part.

Assemble clothed at Warabrook Station at 2:00 PM on Sunday the 9th of March 2008.

What to bring

  • Bring your bike, scooter, tricycle, skates or skateboard (in fact any form of human powered wheeled transport).
  • You MUST bring an Australian Standard approved helmet (shoes and bike gloves are recommended).
  • Bring some money for the after ride party and a water bottle.
  • Bring a noise maker like a whistle or party novelty.
  • You can bring sunscreen and body paint if you want though the organisers will try to provide enough for everyone it is uncertain how many people will turn up.
  • Bring swimmers and something to store your minimal clothing things (like a bum bag, a bag for your luggage rack, panniers or basket) while you are riding. Remember you will not have pockets to put things and wearing a backpack will spoil the look of your painted back as would a bulky item on your luggage rack.
  • Bring your friends. Share the fun with your friends and bring them along for the ride.
  • Win a Prize: For bringing the most friends win a Newcastle Community Push-Bike Library bike of your choice.

Body painting

The organisers will lead everyone to the secret body painting place. Paint yourself and each other with love hearts, peace signs, flowers and biketivist and environmental slogans. When the body painting is complete, the ride will commence.

  • Win a Prize: For best body art win a Newcastle Community Push-Bike Library bike of your choice.

Magical Mystery Tour

Only the organisers know the route of the ride before hand. The organisers will show you the way as the ride goes along. If you ask where the ride is going before the ride, everyone else will think you are a cop or a voyeurist.

Ride and have fun

During the ride have fun, make noise, sing out your message, chant, obey the road rules and follow the organisers. This is the best part and you will get sore sides and a sore face from laughing and smiling.


Media enquiries for Newcastle: please contact Marte Kinder the WNBR Newcastle Organiser.

Please think ahead if you want to have a media presence on the day of the WNBR Nudecastle and contact Marte well ahead of time because your involvement will need vetting.

Publicity: flyers, posters, images etc

These are the current: flyer and poster and BIG POSTER to be used for the WNBR Newcastle 2008 to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them. Why not colour one in and stick it to your refrigerator?


Critical Mass

Critical Mass Newcastle and the World Naked Bike Ride endorse and participate in all events held under both names in Newcastle. Critical Mass ride on the first Friday of every month and starts from Civic Park, opposite Newcastle Town Hall. Assemble at 5:45pm for a 6:00pm start. Ride Daily! Celebrate Monthly!

For more information on Critical Mass see: Critical Mass World Information , Critical Mass Australiaor Newcastle Critical Mass Discussion Group or email Daniel on newcastlecriticalmass{at}

Other Upcoming Events where WNBR Newcastle will participate

Orientation Week at The University of Newcastle

Between Monday the 11th to Friday the 15th of February 2008 in the Shortland Union, Eco Peace Biketivism Love Co-operative will have a stall. Drop by and find out more about EPBLC, WNBR and other cycling activist stuff happening in Newcastle. You can put your name down for WNBR, Critical Mass and Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre mailing lists or join EPBLC.

Get a free bike!

We will be taking deposits for BIKE LIBRARY bikes provided by the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre. The Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre loans bikes that ride as new for an indefinate period for a minimal deposit (usually $20 to $50). There will also be an incentive to join EPBLC because one lucky 2008 member will get a bike for free (no deposit) to keep as long as they want!

Peats Ridge Festival Cancelled

Moved to Confest
Peats Ridge Festival Cancelled
Peats Ridge Festival Glenworth Valley 2007,
Sustainable Arts & Music Festival,
29th Dec to 1st Jan, half way between Sydney and Newcastle.
World Naked Bike Ride planned to hold promotional naked bike rides (with emphasis on the upcoming Sydney and Newcastle rides to be held on Sat 8 and Sun 9 Mar 2008) in conjunction with other bike activist groups followed by skinny dipping in the river. See poster for details:

Eco Fun Bike Love Rides at CONFEST

Planning Dinner


  • Date: Thursday, 15 November 2007
  • Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Location: Premier Hotel
  • Street: 1 Brunker Road (the Nine Ways) Broadmeadow

The proposal is to discuss WNBR Nudecastle 2008 over dinner. Menu

Everyone is welcome! Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm.

Any topics that are relevant are open for discussion.

As you probably know, the next World Naked Bike Ride is on Saturday the 8th of March 2008. Marte is organising both the Sydney and Newcastle rides this year and getting some valuable help. It is a big task and if there are any people who can help it would really be appreciated.

The number of people who have come along to Critical Mass rides in Newcastle over the recent months has been pretty low. After each of the CM rides is an opportunity to get a bite to eat together and discuss bike things including the planning of WNBR.

Because of time contraints that will be put on Marte to attend and organise both Sydney and Newcastle on the same day, we are considering holding the Newcastle ride on Sunday the 9th of March. Having the rides on different days will make it more manageable.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about this proposal?

Please come along.


Newcastle Community Bike Library at This Is Not Art and Working Bee!

With many interstate people arriving in Newcastle via train or bus, the bike library is a great way for visitors to travel around the Festival sites.

In Civic Park there will be a “bike library” and "bike repair workshops" over three days of the This Is Not Art festival.

1. NBEC provides a number of bikes which are ready to ride for people to borrow: $20 refundable deposit (helmet and lock possibly included)
2. NBEC to bring a supply of bikes which are easily fixable, our bring your own.
3. NBEC to set up stall with bike info, CM, WNBR, NBEC, and NCM info as well.

Times: 11am – 5pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, at Civic Park (and to 7pm on Sunday for late returns). To pre-register for a bike (there will be some spare if you don't pre-register)
1. Contact (02)49616582 or
2. What kind of bike you want (working or non-working) / size / gears / lock / helmet
3. Leave contact details and where you are from
4. Availability will then be confirmed.

Dates: This Is Not Art runs Thurs 28 Sept - Mon 01 Oct. This Is Not Art for more information.

This Is Not Art Bike Library working bee!

Help NBEC fix library bikes so that other greeny, enviro hugging peeps will ride them. September at NBEC is This Is Not Art focused : 1st, 8th, and 22nd Sept. 9am - 5pm at Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre, Islington. Stay for an hour or so or the whole day! Previous bike fixing experience not required, bring old clothes.

This Is Not Art is an annual festival of independent, emerging & experimental arts & media.

Featuring Electrofringe, National Young Writers' Festival, Sound Summit & Critical Animals.

27 September - 01 October 2007 Newcastle, Australia

This Is Not Art is supported by Newcastle City Council Tourism NSW - Regional Flagship Events Arts NSW and The Octapod Association (

NCM president helps promote the library: And NCC CLean & Green Newsletter jumped on the bandwagon too!


Mattara- a celebration of the city! 29th of September to 7th of October.
Sunday 7th October
12PM TO Completion

Special Attractions

  • Dora the Explorer and Boots
  • Marching Bands
  • Dance studio displays
  • Car clubs (boooo!)
  • Bike clubs (Yeeeah!)
  • Kavon Theatre
  • Local Businesses
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Religious Groups

Cultural Stomp 2007

Push bike fun at CULTURAL STOMP Festival at Civic Park Saturday 19th May.

The Bike Corral is where lotsa FREE STOMP bike fun happens!:
1. Start point (every hour) for All Day Bike Ride
2. Bike Library Pickup point ($20 deposit applies)
3. Bring your bike to get fixed / checked
4. Bike fixing workshops, learn how to fix your bike
5. Bike skills workshops to stop getting annoyed by cars
6. Bike information:

7. Workshop to set up your community Bike co-op
8. Film Premier: Along for the Ride by Yasmin Bright (a doco of World Naked Bike Ride in Newcastle 2007) plus other Biketivism Films. Venue: Ground Floor TPI House, corner of Auckland and King Streets. Screening times: 12:30pm and 4:30pm.

The STOMP Festival Bike-Train is a bike ride from Wallsend, going past the Uni and arriving at Civic park at 10am on Sat 19th May.
Start at Wallsend Plaza 8am.

Pick up points along the way:
Cameron St Jesmond Mall 8:20am,
Rankin Drive Uni 8:30am,
Waratah shopping centre 9am,
Clyde St to Tighes Hill TAFE 9:20am,
Hamilton Train Station 9:40am,
Parry St, King St to Civic Park, 10am!

Bike Fun at Stomp 2007 Poster

Cultural Stomp 2007 Poster