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This page has been archived. Please visit the talk page of 'Archived ride locations' if you would like to start or restart a ride at Leeds.

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There is growing support for a Leeds ride, but as yet none has been finalised! Imagine a day when people can chose which rides to participate in from Britain's many Northern rides. We hope it won't be long before Leeds joins the ranks of York, Sheffield, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

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Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Register your Interest

We haven't yet set a date for the first Leeds World Naked Bike Ride. It could be during the summer of 2011 or 2012. We're just getting this wikipage set up with info, so if you have questions or want to simply register your interest in participating in the ride, visit World Naked Bike Ride and register your interest via the York ride on the drop-down list (unless you find Sheffield listed as an option).


The route may be announced beforehand, otherwise, simply turn up at the assembly point for details.

Bike Hire

Bikes can be hired from several places in Leeds, but we'll try to list some recommended hire locations shortly.

Meetings and Events

Planning for new rides currently takes place on the WNBR UK Yahoo! group and there is now also a dedicated WNBR Leeds Yahoo! group which you can join if you prefer.


The Leeds ride publicity materials will be provided here for download and distribution.

Leeds WNBR Planning Collective

Rides in the UK are normally planned by a collective where possible. It is hoped that Leeds will follow the example of York, London, Cardiff, and Brighton rides, and adopt the collective style of organisation. This would mean holding open planning meetings where decisions were be taken collectively. Sometimes, a few riders will act as sole organisers until there are enough people involved to arrange meetings.

All UK rides typically have a "ride coordinator" who will facilitate the ride planning process whether or not there is a planning collective. Here's what the coordinator normally does:

  • answers people's questions with care and consideration
  • keeps track of who is doing what, and how far through things people are
  • deals with problems and follow the discussions at the national level
  • provides email updates to let people know what's going on
  • points out where and when help is needed
  • acts as a contact point for general enquiries (email and sometimes mobile phone)
  • maintains contact information (and keeps it secure)

Additional responsibilities that the coordinator choose to take on:

  • arrange meetings, compile agendas, provide minutes
  • ensure that the collective remains non-hierarchical but organised
  • moderate an email list for Leeds ride planning

Media coverage

There is always plenty of TV and Radio coverage locally, plus some mention in national media. Here we will provide links to stories which are available on the internet, and apply specifically to Leeds.




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Discussion group/s

Join the WNBR-Leeds list if you want to help out with organising a ride in Leeds.

Join the WNBR UK list if you plan to ride and want to receive important updates or share in general UK ride planning.

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