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The York World Naked Bike Ride is a protest against oil dependency and car culture. It is equally a celebration of the bike and the human body.

The York WNBR is part of Bike Week

Bike Week

Please donate to the WNBR UK Fund

The UK World Naked Bike Ride fund meets the cost of insuring rides
across the UK, and provides local organisers with money for
poster/flyer printing, advertising, ride equipment etc.
Please give generously.

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Date: Saturday 29 June 2024.
Time: 4.15pm prompt
Location: Assembly/departure point: 50 metres south of Millennium Bridge on the Fulford (east) side of the river. As always, everyone is encouraged to go "as bare as they dare" and please don't forget to affix/paint signs on your bike and/or body to indicate the reason why you are riding.

Route and schedule

Advantages of the York route: The York route is mostly flat. It runs on both streets and traffic-free paths. There are cycle-hire facilities a short cycle distance from the start. The route passes various landmarks of York including the Minster, historic Bars (city gates), and the iconic Clifford's Tower. It goes down medieval cobbled streets, traverses bridges both ancient and new, and glides along the banks of the scenic River Ouse, usually to the accompaniment of some great music. Because of the surfaces we discourage runners, e-scooters and skaters as it is difficult for them to keep up, so bikes, trikes, tandems, hand-cycles and experienced unicyclists only please!

Ride schedule

This is the ride schedule for 2024.

3.00 pm Gathering of riders at Millennium Bridge. Time to have some refreshments, decorate your bike, paint your slogans. Bodypainting gazebo may be available, if we find a volunteer to organise that.

4.15 pm Departure from Millennium Bridge. We will cross the bridge and make our way through York, including some cycle paths and off-road infrastructure, as well as city centre locations. Our route takes us past Clifford's Tower where there will be a photo opportunity.

Advice for Riders

This is common-sense practical advice about preparing for and being safe on the ride. Lot of useful tips, suggestions and links to further information. It's updated every year to reflect changing needs. The 2016 version of the Advice is still available and can be consulted here. We'll post the new version in this section when it's ready.

Press and Publicity

We will have a Press Release available soon.

2018 FLYER (available soon!)

The 2017 York flyer can still be downloaded by clicking on the link below. The flyer is designed to be printed double-sided in A5 format, although you can print the front as an A4 poster if you wish.

York WNBR 2017 A5 Flyer (double-sided)

Please try and place any publicity materials in a prominent position in your local community centre, college, bike shop etc and circulate amongst your cycling friends and fellow activists. Laminated versions can even be displayed at key locations outside, e.g. attached to lamp-posts along cycle paths. With a little ingenuity flyers can also be attached to bikes. When organising leaflet distribution we are often on the look-out for a place where we can leave flyers for people to collect (with a person or business in York perhaps). If you know of a business that might be up for this, please write to york [at] wbnr [dot] org [dot] uk

If you would like to donate some art-work for future York WNBR events, please get in touch.

Bike hire

Bikes can be hired from the following places:

Bike hire used to be plentiful in York, but for various reasons, isn't now.

Get Cycling is a company based at 22 Hospital Fields Road, YO10 4DZ, between Fulford Road and Millennium Bridge. Phone 01904 636812. They offer a bike helmet and lock, and to guarantee a bike, pre-booking is essential. They may be open on the day of the ride.

Meetings and events

Ride planning and discussion take place online mainly on our Facebook group and at York planning meetings.

Planning meetings will be advertised here and on Facebook. Please check this space regularly. From 2011 we have often used the Seahorse Hotel, Fawcett Street (near York Barbican Centre) for our meetings.


Films available:

The World Naked Bike Ride - “All over the world people are stripping off and getting on their bikes” (The story of the ground-breaking 2005 London ride, narrated by Jon Snow)

Indecent Exposure to Cars - “I see painted naked people on bicycles” (Directed by Conrad Schmidt, Ragtag productions 2007). A light-hearted slightly corny take on the origins of the WNBR movement.

York World Naked Bike 2008 - see Souvenir DVD below.

To host a screening of any of the above films, please get in touch with us.

York Ride Planning

The York Planning Group (formerly known as the Collective) is a small group of local cyclists working together in a co-operative way to a single end. Currently the organisers are Malcolm Kelly and John Cossham. We always need more volunteers to get involved - that could be YOU!

Here's what the Planning Group co-ordinator does:

  • answers people's questions with care and consideration
  • keeps track of who is doing what, and how far through things people are
  • deals with problems and follow the discussions at the national level
  • provides email updates to let people know what's going on
  • points out where and when help is needed
  • acts as a contact point for general enquiries (email and mobile phone)
  • maintains contact information (and keeps it secure)

Additional responsibilities for the coordinator or one of the members:

  • arranges meetings, compile agendas, provide minutes
  • ensures that the group remains non-hierarchical but organised
  • moderates an email list for York ride planning

To get in touch with the Planning Group, please write to York [at] wnbr [dot] org [dot] uk.

Accounts of previous rides

See York history

Media coverage

See York media coverage


See York photos


See York videos

Photography policy

The York Ride broadly follows the spirit of the London Photography and Filming Policy. For exact details of the York policy please email york [at] wnbr [dot] org [dot] uk.



Other Northern Rides

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Discussion group/s

Join the WNBR UK list if you plan to ride and want to receive important updates or share in general UK ride planning.

  • WNBR UK – Yahoo! discussion group for all UK rides
  • WNBR YORK – Yahoo! discussion group for planning the York ride.

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