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Date: 6 July 2024
Time: 1400
Location: Middle Meadow Walk.

Ride information

Meet from 1300 for a 1400 start.

Saddle covers

We have saddle covers, available on the day for £2. Please email wnbredinburgh@virginmedia.com if you want one, as we only have a very limited number.

Dress Code: "Is Nudity mandatory?"

It's not such a silly question when you think about the name of the event but No, nudity is not mandatory.

For the fifth time in Edinburgh, a change in the application of the law means nudity will be possible. Last two rides we did the entire route naked. Edinburgh police have backtracked a little, they now say that if they tell us to cover up, then we have to. So, carry a cover up, and hope we won't have to use them. The last 2 times, there hasn't been a problem.

If your "Bare as you dare" isn't quite up to complete nudity, minimalist fancy dress is OK! Riders have worn shorts, bras, swimwear, body paint, wigs, sunglasses etc. Most wear footwear. We can be naked if we want to. But it's up to you! :) Bring a bag to carry your clothes, as we can't promise they would still be there on your return if you left them in the Meadows. If your bike breaks down and you don't have something to wear you will be naked and alone in the middle of Edinburgh... It would be legal to push it back to the start naked, but you might not feel confident doing this. (Although we are nice people, and it's a small ride, so we probably would try to get you a cover up, or someone to chum you back to your kit.)

Body painting and adornment, customised bikes and other creative expression are all strongly encouraged. It is ok to put a flag or banner on your bike, just make sure that it is secure, any pole is light weight, not usable as a weapon and not likely to get caught in the machinery!

See also the United Kingdom FAQ for more information on this topic


We are assured by the fiscals office, and the police that simply being naked is not illegal. See the British Naturism advice at [1]

We are also assured by Edinburgh Police that from 2021, their control will be made aware of the guidance that being naked in public is legal. However don't do anything to harass, alarm or distress people, and nothing you wouldn't do clothed. Anything other than going about your normal, legal, business (Like protesting whilst riding your bike.) could be seen as harassing, alarming, or distressing people, and that could be illegal. Play nice. The police seem to have moved towards "If someone complains that they are harassed, alarmed or distressed, then you have to stop." We are intending to contest this. But for now, carry a cover up.

This is an organised event, the police are aware, but don't feel it justifies an escort. They usually come and see us off from the Meadows. They usually come and chat afterwards. The Police were fantastic and friendly in previous years and this event would like to continue having an amicable relationship.

The clothing options are pretty simple: Bare-as-you-Dare. Decoration! Bring an emergency cover up!

Now on to the fun stuff: Decoration!


Lets have fun with it. In previous years people were plastering each other with body paint and wearing comedy wigs, dressing/painting themselves as ginger cats, and wearing other sorts of minimalist fancy dress. Go wild! Have a ball!

Why not have a 'painting-party' beforehand, and really go to town? We will provide paint etc. at the start from 1300 there will be people to help with this! Get a buddy to paint the bits you can't reach! Be aware that a complicated all over painting scheme takes ages! We have stencils, paint, brushes, and sponges.

Best of all, take some inspiration from other rides around the world, many of which manage to post pictures that are totally work-safe due to the sheer weight of ornamentation!


Edinburgh prefers riders rather than photographers. Rider-photographers are OK but we will probably be using the London photography policy [2] unless posted otherwise. It contains some good advice for both riders and Photographers. Riders should note that when EWNBR started, most photographers were at the start. On the route it was mostly random tourists. Now everyone has a phone or tablet with a camera. If you are worried about appearing online, possibly a hat or wig, some fancy dress, and a pair of dark sunglasses may reduce the chance of being recognised. If you do take pictures, there is a flickr group at [3] any photos that publicise our cause are good, but play nice and if someone indicates that they are unwilling to be photographed, please respect that.

What if I don't have a bike?

It is possible to hire bikes in Edinburgh.[4] or [5]There are several shops. If you use any of these, we strongly suggest that you put some sort of cover over the saddle. After all, you don't know where it's been! We have a few saddle covers, as used by London WNBR. £2. Contact us to reserve one via Facebook or our email wnbredinburgh@virginmedia.com NOTE THAT THE JUST EAT HIRE BIKES HAVE GONE! DON'T TURN UP AND EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO HIRE ONE! :(

Could I use some other form of human powered transport?

Yes, but the route has some steep hills, both up and down. Whatever you use needs to be roadworthy, and have brakes! Otherwise you will probably end up as a smear on the side of a bus or tram!

What if my Bike Breaks Down?

Please try to ensure it doesn't! Check it over and fix anything that needs it the day before. Make sure it's roadworthy. If something does break, we will carry some tools, but if it's something that needs more than two minutes to fix, we can't wait. We will wait while you cover up, but you will then have to make your own way back to the start, or home!

What if I fall off or otherwise injure myself?

There will be first aiders present. Tell a steward.


Middle Meadow Walk is a long tree lined avenue through the Meadows Park. At the north end of the Walk is Teviot Place and at the south end is Argyle Place. Here is a map Here is an excellent photograph that shows what Middle Meadows Walk looks like. Here is a what 3 words location

Publicise the ride

Please share our [6] or retweet us @wnbredinburgh

Get involved

If you want to get more actively involved in the ride, join our group There's a call for volunteers to help organise it. Volunteer! We still need more stewards and first aiders.



Probably due to a dire weather forecast, which didn't actually materialise, only a dozen of us turned out, ranging from fully clothed, to fully naked! Mostly fully naked. It stayed fine, but overcast. The thunderstorm never happened. Slogans body painted on at the start, and we had Dr. Bike attending to check up & fix any bikes that needed it. (Comment from one rider. "Wow! it goes so much better now!") At least two riders headed down to Dr. Bike's base at the Bike Station Charity, to get bits, or a service after the ride. :) Mostly positive response from the bystanders, cheering, taking photos. A few sweary rants from taxis and white van men! Photos are on flikr [7] The police have now reached the point where they don't even come and wave us off at the start, or contact us on the morning of the ride. Routine patrols pass us, and take no notice.


22 of us, 20 fully naked rode the same route as planned last year, including the roadworks diversion, but didn't have to avoid George IV Bridge, as no cafe's caught fire! We rode to a mostly enthusiastic reception from the public. Strong winds in the meadows made it cool at the start, and we had to abandon the idea of windbreaks as they kept blowing away!


COVID meant we had to run it in September! Again, cool, but not wet this time! Riders from all over the UK took part, most fully naked. The route had to be changed due to roadworks. Then it had to be changed due to the Elephant House, "Harry Potter" cafe catching fire!


Cancelled due to COVID 19.


First ever fully naked ride in Edinburgh

Again cold and wet. About 13.5 C. (56.3F) The downpour stopped for the actual ride, but 12 people braved the showers and cold wind. Most of them naked. Due to a communication issue between different parts of the police force, we were requested to cover up about 3/4 of the way around the route. It later turned out that of the thousands of people who must have seen us, one had complained! In future the police will tell people that riding a bike naked is legal! The route was modified to avoid another protest, so we cycled all of the Royal Mile, including its crowds of tourists. Photos here [8]


Saturday 11 June 2011

In spite of temperatures of less than ten degrees and continuous rain, 10 people were still game enough to make the ride wearing only bodypaint and some scraps of lycra. The ride started at approx 4:30pm, half an hour late due to a last minute storage issue.


Saturday 12 June 2010

Our WNBR started at 3pm with about 20 to 30 participants - check pictures below


Saturday 13 June 2009

Ride report:


Sunday 29 June 2008

Ride report:


A partially-clothed WNBR took place in Edinburgh on 12 June 2004 and it had more participants than the London ride on the same day. At least one rider participated in both rides!







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