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Photography and filming policy

The London Ride has had a photography/filming policy since 2005.


This policy will apply from 2010 until superseded by an updated version.
We encourage photography during the ride; it is a means of promoting our message propagated through banners and body paint.
However there are some restrictions.

Photographers are expected to behave in a respectful, friendly and reasonable manner at all times. If you make any rider uncomfortable, you will be required to leave the assembly area and/or ride.


  1. Ask permission before photographing a rider.
  2. No photos of people people being body painted, dressing or undressing.
  3. No photos of people in the designated Body Painting area - this is enforced by Stewards.


  1. No close-up photos without getting consent of the rider
  2. No photos allowed of a rider who objects

This policy is intended to curtail any inconsiderate photography which might otherwise take place. We wish to create a safe and supportive environment for all riders.

All photographers present at the ride must abide by this policy. Those who do not will be asked to leave. This includes any riders or press who take photos.

To ensure that this policy is clear to all present, it may appear on signs at the ride assembly area or on leaflets distributed at the event.

Hyde Park Regulations (from Royal Parks)

(these regulations apply during the ride assembly in Hyde Park)

Filming and photography in Hyde Park requires a permit unless it will be used for strictly private, non-commercial purposes. Licences are issued to individuals and the media for the purpose of taking photos or recording anything in the Royal Parks agreed to by Park Management. Both news permits and licences are subject to strict conditions and holders must comply with 'The Royal Parks Regulations 2004' and 'Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997.' Fees for individuals or small crews conducting under 4 hours of filming or still photography range from £280-£1,000 (+VAT), and there is an 80% discount for student filmakers whose student status is verified by their institution.

The World Naked Bike Ride has permission to form up in Hyde Park for the ride departure. While in Hyde Park, please take care not to violate section 3.1 of the The Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997 by "intentionally or recklessly interfere with the safety, comfort or convenience of any person using a Park". Anyone violating this regulation may be reported to the Police.

Debate about the policy

There has been some debate about the restrictiveness of this policy, to see this visit the following link [1]

No-photo Zone around the Body Painting

This year, the Body Painting area will be set up in the middle of a "no-photo" zone outside the assembly area. The 2007 photographers created an uncomfortable situation for many of the riders being body painted, and also created congestion around the body-painting area. For 2008, we will not be allowing spectators or photographers into or around the Body Painting area. If riders wish to escape photography, they are welcome to come into the "no-photo" zone for sanctuary.

Enforcing the Photo Policy (by you the riders)

We created a downloadable "Photo Policy Enforcement Board" which is downloadable as a PDF. The version in 2007 seemed to have a helpful effect. Here is the 2008 version media:London2008photopolicyboard.pdf.

The download prints out onto two sheets of A4 which you can attach to both sides of an A4 piece of card or cardboard. It has the photo policy info on one sheet and in large letters it says "This Photo was taken without permission".

Our hope is that plenty of riders will have their own "Photo Policy Enforcement Board" on hand at the ride. If verbal intervention doesn't succeed in stopping a problem photographer, please hold the board between an inconsiderate photographer and the unwilling subject. We'll see if this works. To make it happen, you'll need to download, and print the signs (and affix them onto two sides of an A4 sized bit of card). Be sure to have somewhere to store the card out of sight when you aren't using it (eg- when no problem behaviour is happening, and during the ride).

Recommendations for Photographers

If you are attending the ride as a photographer, we would like to remind you that the there are various points along the route which feature particularly striking backgrounds for photos of the ride (eg- Piccadilly, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Street, US Embassy).