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Previous Rides

London is the largest daytime WNBR event in the world. The event started in 2004 with 58 participants and has had 1,000-1,200 participants each year since 2007. Read about the previous rides on the London history page.

Next ride

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Date: Saturday 11 June 2022 (to be confirmed)
Time: Various
Location: Various

Please see the London ride page for more details on the route and times.

Support Us

The ride is made possible by volunteer helpers and generous donations from our participants. Please join the collective. No one is paid for running WNBR London, but we do have some significant expenses like radio comms hire, road closure fees, insurance, printing, marshals' ID, etc.
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or contact us if you could volunteer to help with planning, publicity, preparation, assistance at the start and finish, marshalling, or leading a ride - we really need your help!

Thinking of Taking Part in the London World Naked Bike Ride?


The WNBR London organising collective has been working closely with the Metropolitan police since 2005; they are fully aware of the nature of the protest and supportive of our right to make it. We have excellent relations with the police; some years they have assisted with traffic control and have had their own riders accompanying us (although they keep their uniforms on). In recent years they have left us to our own devices as we are considered a well run event that doesn't require close monitoring.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no law against nudity in England and you will not be arrested simply for being nude on this protest. Visit our FAQ answer for more information.

Details of the ride are agreed with the police in advance.

Nudity during the ride

Part of the seemingly endless ride past Waterloo Station in 2015 - photo BAZ

This is a “naked bike ride” so clothing is optional. We advise riders to wear shoes for safety reasons. The protest has a carnival feel, so you are welcome to adorn yourself with colourful body paint and slogans, wear fancy dress, disguise yourself a bit (eg sunglasses, helmet, mask) or remain partially dressed - be as bare as you dare. You will probably want a rucksack, panniers or a bicycle basket to carry your belongings.

There is no law against nudity in Britain, but please don't exercise your right to nudity in London before the ride or spend an unnecessarily long time dressing at the end as it will impact on our ability to make arrangements with police and get cooperation from the authorities in future years. Feel free to undress in the UK at any other time of the year, as this will not have any impact on the WNBR.

Many passers by and photographers who know about the event WILL turn up and take photographs before the ride begins. With no budget and no ability to erect any sort of barriers, the start is very difficult for us to control. There will be lots of people there with cameras and there isn't much we can do about it.

If you are uncomfortable getting undressed with people around remember that you only need to get undressed just before the ride starts. If you wear clothes that can be quickly removed, you could leave the start dressed, pull over, remove your clothes and rejoin the ride.

Traffic and congestion WILL cause the protest to stop for several minutes at various points throughout the route. If you don't like the idea of being photographed while sitting at a red light, bring something you can cover up with quickly and easily put on and take off.


Please keep referring to the London photography policy as things progress, which will make it clear what photography behaviour is unwelcome. If presence of photographers makes people uncomfortable, we recommend riders consider adopting the following measures:

  • The most effective measure is to avoid disrobing at the assembly. Simply wear something that can be easily removed when the ride pauses on route. The problem photography rarely occurs during the ride;
  • Verbally address the photographer by saying "Go away, I do not wish to be photographed". At the same time, hold up your hand to indicate the universal gesture of "stop/halt/no". If this doesn't work, address the people near to you, asking them to stand between you and the photographer;
  • Leafleting before and during the ride may be a good way to overcome discomfort from being stared at, and make you less likely to be targeted by problem photographers. The activity of engaging with bystanders makes you seem less vulnerable and this seems to appeal less to any problem photographers;
  • We will again have a sign you can download. Some riders have found this useful in dealing with problem photographers;
  • If you have a camera, taking a photograph of persistent photographers and telling them to leave or you'll report them can work too.

Some more information about the photography policy can be found here: UK FAQ

Slogans and Decoration

Bike decorated with slogan sign and flag - London 2016

The World Naked Bike Ride is a protest event designed to raise awareness of issues important to the people taking part. While many of the participants enjoy being out in the city naked on a bicycle, the event is a protest and the more we get our messages across, the more legitimacy the protest can claim.

Decorating you and your bike helps us get the message across and hopefully helps you have some more fun too. Tactically placed body paint can also be a good way to go naked but not put everything on display if that's important to you.

Simple Slogan Body Paint Elaborate Body Painting

A list of suitable slogans can be found here if you can't think of your own - Slogans

Bike decoration

Get a flag! WNBR London 2006

We have some great race cards that you can print on card and then attach to your bike. We recommend you use elastic or twist-ties to secure to your bike. There are PDF instructions here. If you are feeling generous, print and prepare a few extra to give to other riders. There is a selection of five cards for you to choose from; click on the captions to download the full-size card for printing.

These designs might make good flags or signs. Flags are great! Can you make flags for us?
WNBR tandem motif WNBR tandem motif WNBR flag design WNBR flag design WNBR graphic WNBR couple WNBR graphic WNBR graphic WNBR graphic WNBR graphic WNBR graphic WNBR Bin Flag

Additionally you could include a QR code if you plan to have a flat area for messages. That way, bystanders with smartphones can instantly find the major WNBR websites to get the ride's messages. We would like you to link to our WNBR London website or Facebook page - but we've also included some other options - take your pick! They are all downloadable PDF files ready for printing

Bike rental


We have again arranged preferential bike hire from The London Bicycle Tour Company. They will hire bikes to riders from 11am to 7pm (including WNBR seat cover which is yours to keep).

London's public hire bikes and several other rental firms and locations are available. Full details and instructions on how to pre-book your bike are on the London bike hire page.

If you are hiring or borrowing a bike, and you have a bare bum, you must cover the saddle. This will protect you from any dirt, as well as being polite to the next person who uses the bike. You can purchase a WNBR seat cover for £2 at any of the start points.


We've mostly had good weather at each of the UK rides so far, indeed stunning hot sunshine several times - don't forget the sunblock. The ride will not be cancelled in the event of rain, but it just might be shortened. If so, follow the Marshals' instructions.

Skin is more waterproof than clothing, but bring warm dry clothes to change into after the ride, and keep them dry. A large, thin plastic bag (such as you get from your dry cleaner) could be an effective protection if you want to seem naked in the rain. Maybe we can beat the Vancouver record for most naked riders in the rain!

For a five-day weather forecast, visit one of Met Office, MetCheck or BBC Weather (and choose day).

  • The event will take place whatever the weather – please come prepared for rain, cold or blazing heat!

PA equipment

Use of PA equipment or amplification within the Serious and Organised Crime Police Act (SOCPA) zone should be avoided, as it is not-legal. We recommend turning off any sound amplification for the sections of ride along Whitehall, Parliament Square, Westminster Bridge and York Road.

Health & safety

Footware is required for safety
  • Footwear is required in order to allow riders to come to a safe emergency stop.
  • Helmets are not compulsory. We advise you to consider the evidence on cycling safety and helmets, then take your own decision on whether to wear a helmet or not.
  • Bicycles are to be ridden in a manner appropriate for use on the road.
  • All riders should be seated on appropriate seats in line with The Highway Code. Don't take passengers on luggage racks or handlebars.
  • Owing to safety concerns, runners are no longer permitted in the World Naked Bike Ride in London.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you still have questions, see the United Kingdom FAQ and global FAQ. Visit both pages to find out answers to your questions. We've tried to avoid an overlap of information.

Getting Involved

If you're thinking about getting involved Check out the London Get Involved page


There are a number of London Links relevant to the themes of the event.