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"Stop indecent exposure to vehicle emissions"
– Message on banner held by Simon Oosterman and three naked supporters (two men and a woman) outside court on 17 February 2005

Some suggested slogans for publicity, signs, banners, chanting, or painting on bodies – copy freely or invent your own.

Slogan body stencils

Some slogans are short enough to be painted very large on backs and chests, giving great visibility on the rides. For these you might consider preparing stencils for quickly lettering several riders before the start. Some examples are to be found in the PDF file [1] in which there are pairs of landscape A4 pages, each pair providing the stencils for one slogan. More on making and using stencils in UK FAQs.

Slogans by category


  • Damn, it's getting hot in here, stop putting CO2 in the atmosphere! Damn, it's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes and go cycling! - Conrad Schmidt
  • Be all you can be! Be auto- and clothes-free!
  • Travel lightly – leave your cars and clothes behind!
  • What do cars and clothes have common? They both start with C and they suck!
  • My energy's renude (?!)
  • A dirty mind? You need clean air instead of exhaust fumes! [2]
  • (Chant) Ban Cars: Not Bodies!
  • (Chant) Riding bare: for clean air


  • Burn fat not oil! [3]
  • Sweat smells sweeter than CO2!
  • Never mind the bollocks. Its time to respect our planet
  • The Future's Green
  • Greener is cleaner
  • No emissions but my own
  • Wear out nothing - Not the planet
  • It's not the heat. It's the stupidity!

Against oil dependency

  • Protest oil dependency
  • Oil is not a bare necessity but a crude obsession (seen on a sign during the London 2005 ride)
  • (Chant) Crude is rude! Don't be a prude – go nude!
  • (Chant) Less gas, more ass! [4]
  • (Chant) Less dirty gases, more clean asses!
  • (Chant) Less crude, more nude
  • Less oil = More life [5]
  • Sweat not oil
  • Our nude bodies are dependent on food, not foreign oil
  • This naked body burns calories, not oil
  • 15 mpg or 30 mppp (miles per pound of pasta)?
  • Infinite miles per gallon!
  • No Gulf drilling for this naked body
  • Slicks kill - stay alive!
  • Leave fossil fuels *behind*
  • Peak oil will get us all in the *end*
  • Burn bras not oil
  • (chant) Oil? Ban it -- save the planet


  • Prudery won't save the planet -- bikes can!
  • Honk if you love bikes! Honk twice if you love naked cyclists!
  • Your butt looks better on a bike! Your skin is outta sight! You'll travel with ease as you feel that breeze, and drip clean sweat instead of oil!
  • Bicycles make cleaner traffic jams!
  • Don't pollute this naked body with your SUV
  • Such Unnecessary Vehicles
  • My SUV habit costs so much I can't afford clothes
  • Gas prices increasing? I didn't even notice!
  • This is what a car-free society looks like
  • Human operated - Heart inside [6] [7]
  • Moved by people, not machines [8] [9]
  • Curb car culture
  • Live car-free!
  • Real rights for bikes
  • No fumes here!
  • Jeremy Clarkson go home! (UK)
  • One less car
  • Une auto de moins (France)
  • Honk For Silence
  • Stop indecent exposure to vehicle emissions
  • Get off your ass! Ride a bike! (thanks to Urban Velo!)
  • We are traffic
  • Pedal Power!
  • Two wheels good (but tricycles welcome!)
  • Bike for health and clean air
  • Bicycling is truly organic!
  • My bum smells better than your car.
  • People who drive cars OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED!
  • Get YOUR car off MY body!
  • Car-free = Carefree
  • Make Bike, not Car
  • Occupy Your Bike.
  • Less Cars, More Arse!


  • Damn, it's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes and go cycling!
  • I'm nude, not lewd
  • I'm naked and FREE!
  • Shameless proud of my body
  • We're proud to be nude Americans/Brits/citizens of the world etc.
  • We're all naked underneath our clothes
  • Love your body - love your bike!
  • Bikes love bodies
  • Celebrate body freedom
  • Nude not lewd
  • Clothes-free and oil-free, but they can't take my dignity!
  • Feel your body, feel your power, move your legs [10]
  • One less T-shirt!
  • Come ASS you are!

Road safety

  • Now can you bl**dy see me?!
  • Can you see me now, driver?
  • Leave space!
  • Warning: HPV ahead [Human Powered Vehicle]
  • Actually, we're just as vulnerable biking with clothes on.
  • Share the Road!
  • Stop roadkill now!
  • You dent, I die.
  • Stop Killing Cyclists
  • (on a body) SOMEBODY'S KID or WIFE or SON or BEST FRIEND or MUM or DAD
  • Lorries: Stay back.
  • Kill Your Speed Not a Child

War and peace related

  • 1, 2, 3, 4... Cars and petrol lead to war. 5, 6, 7, 8... Cars stink, bikes are great!
  • No more blood, no more oil, no more wars on foreign soil!
  • No blood for oil!
  • Food Not Bombs for this naked body
  • No Iraqi died to fuel this nude body
  • No concealed WMDs on this nude body
  • No Iraqi died to fuel this bike!
  • Keep your Storm Troopers away from my naked body!
  • Crude oil addiction: How many lives per barrel?
  • No war, no hunger for a full tank!
  • This naked body doesn't kill for oil
  • Birthday suits not body bags
  • Relax! It's a penis, not a gun.

Miscellaneous political slogans

  • We've been stripped of our rights
  • Don't illegally wire-tap this nude body