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Date: Saturday, June 13th, 2015
Time: Bodies assembly at 4:00pm, ride departs by 5:00 pm sharp. Arrive early for body painting, trainings, teach-ins, and socializing! Volunteers plan on coming early if possible to locations TBD.
Location: Grand Ferry Park; final route will be communicated to riders who show up only.

2015 Information


Ride is rain or shine!
No matter what the weather is WE RIDE


In solidarity with World Naked Bike Ride, wear your hottest, fiercest hot pants on this clothing optional extravaganza through the streets of New York.

Climate change is real (Thanks Obama!) and it ain't getting any cooler out here. Get comfortable in our future climate and show some skin.

We love Short shorts! Mask up, pants down! As comfortable as you please.

Reclaim your body! Reclaim your streets! Reclaim your planet! Ride your bike! The Hot Pants Ride is a safer space for all bodies to ride free of harassment or pollutants in the physical or mental environment. To participate each rider is asked to respect that the liberation of bodies requires freedom, autonomy, and justice for all. This begins with joy and commitment to self-determination. And of course bikes!!!

What: An afternoon of fun, free community, and direct action, including a clothing-optional bike ride. We celebrate our bodies, celebrate cycling in NYC!

Saturday June 13th, 2015

Gather 4:00 PM Ride at 5:oo pm sharp! Where: Grand Ferry Park on the Brooklyn Waterfront. Consent teach-in, bike-rights training, body-painting, & community! Clothing-optional, consent-mandatory!

Grand Ferry Park, North Brooklyn

""FaceBook Event Page""

FOR BREAKING WNBR NYC INFO FOLLOW ON TWITTER @wnbrnyc, hashtags #WNBR-NYC #SkinRide #HotPants #MoreFun

Please inform yourself fully by reading all of this wiki page! [ PARTICPANTS/VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! JUNE 8th, 2012

Great NY Post Video of 2010 WNBR NYC


Volunteers for Saturday 6/8 please send contact info & interests to


We ask that photographers and press help create a safe space by being respectful and asking CONSENT to photograph, and encouraging others to do so. Be sure to check in with a volunteer to provide your contact information, and be aware that some areas of starting point may be off-limits. Use caution when photographing the ride as it is in motion. Ideally, you can share some of your work towards promoting the ride and its causes in the future. There will be absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY at the AFTER-PARTY.

Nudity and bike laws in NYC

It is legal for both men and women to be completely topless in NYC. This was recently confirmed by an NYPD spokesperson. Participants who go bottom-less do so at their own risk. Nobody has been detained or ticketed for this in the previous three years of WNBR NYC. It is highly recommended that riders obey police orders to cover up to the legal minimum if given. NYPD considers groups of 50 persons proceeding together as a parade requiring a permit. WNBR NYC does not have one. We have the freedom to assemble and to speak, according to the constitution. For a solid understanding of NYC-specific legal issues surround bicycles, check out this helpful primer [1]. Know your rights and responsibilities as a cyclist [2]. NYC Bike Share users should bring a seat covering as a courtesy to the next CitiBike user.

Ride vibe

We are creating the space we want to see. We're here to create a healthy space for all! Out with the jive, in with the love! WNBR should be a fun experience. We're out to create a little joy and justice, but without justice, we can't have any joy. So make sure you respect the self-determination of each rider.

Please Keep In Mind

1) Ask before photographing, videotaping, touching, staring at, or falling in love.

2) Verbally celebrate one anothers' bodies. Compliments are nice—rude and lewd words are not fun!

3) Be positive in the face of those who don't support or harass the ride. Don't get baited into aggressive or violent behavior, instead converse about the messages of WNBR, such as body autonomy and ending indecent exposure to dangerous vehicles and toxic pollution. Be respectful of people in the communities we pass through.

4) Be proud of your body and your willingness to create a more beautiful world, until it is the one we want! Demand the respect you deserve.

5) Be responsible for yourself and your actions. We are all equal participants, and we can look out for each other.

6) Take care of yourself by having clothes, lights, bell, water, snacks, helmet and a clear mind. Enjoy the ride fully and save it for the after party!

  • Ride is Rain or Shine No matter what the weather is WE RIDE
  • Professional Body Painting. For professional body painting, a sliding scale suggested donation of $10-$30 is recommended, depending on how much body you want to cover. Please come early, as demand for these services will be high and we have just a few gracious professionals on hand! Free/cheaper painting will also be available, but maybe not as awesome!

On The Ride

1) WNBR is safest if we stay together. Please ride slow so no gaps form. Red lights may be corked, so please proceed through if you feel safe.

2) Look out for each other and share information about potential hazards, needs to slow down or change route.

3) Be joyful, dancing, and on-message to the public when the ride stops. Don't be shy!

4) Allow passing lanes for autos as able, make way for emergency vehicles.

5) Have fun!

Bike Rental

Here is a list of rental options: Users are encouraged to follow the terms of use have 20 bicycles available for that date. all rental reservations are to be prepaid and there are no cancellations a visa or mastercard with Id required at pickup . we will give a 20% off any accessoryfor the riders that have signed up. rental rates are $40.00 24hr

348 E62.ST NY,NY 10065 212-230-1919 M-F 10-7 S-S 9-5

Metro Bicycle Stores will have plenty of rentals available in each of their six Manhattan locations. Standard rentals are $9 per hour, $45 for the day, and $55 for overnight/24 hour period.

Volunteers Needed

BICYCLE REPAIR/LOAN/DONATION If you have extra bikes on hand to loan for the day, or old clunkers rusting in the basement in need of repair or tune-up, let us know! SIGNAGE/DECORATIVE MATERIALS D.I.Y. is "Do It Yourself!" meaning you are empowered to create instead of buy, or depend on others to provide for you! Cheap art is great art! Inovate with what you have, making signs and decorations for bikes and bodies. Write up some creative slogans to paint! We will have lightweight plastic surfaces you can paint, then hang off your saddle, top tube, or rack.

PROMOTION (Right Now until we ride on Saturday) - Need to get the event listed online wherever we can...newspapers, magazines, blogs, events listings. Basic info on Wiki page ( can guide you, this email address may be used ( You can also print flyers from a file we will provide. There are tons of events happening between now and June 9th to promote this at. Let's make it too huge to ignore! Tag bikes, leave stacks at cafes, bike shops, art spaces, LGBTQ spaces etc, or hand out during your commute!

On Saturday June 13:

RIDER CHECK IN - Help sign-in riders direct them to body-painting, communicate route and other ride info. Clothed or legally nude encouraged.

BODY PAINTING - Help make beautiful skin more beautiful/oily/slogan-covered, using paint and brushes. If you are a pro with your own supplies, feel free to ask for suggested donation/tips for services. PLEASE BRING TEMPERA PAINT/BRUSHES IF YOU CAN. Clothed or legally nude encouraged.

MEDIA/PHOTOGRAPHER WRANGLING - Give sound bites to reporters at the park, help keep photographers in check as needed, provide info (tbd) about other media/photo ops on the ride. This can be non-riders or riders who are not shy and are comfortable being photographed and representing themselves and WNBR well. You are empowered share whatever message you wish to convey, whether you want to stop KXL Pipeline, want safer-streets for bikes, or just want to have more fun! WNBR NYC will convene for the media moment @ 6pm sharp! Clothed or legally nude encouraged.

CLEANUP - Help leave the starting locations cleaner then we found them (spilled paint? Trash? Signage, etc). Clothed or legally nude encouraged.

On-ride (Time 5PM)

SAVVY ROUTE SCOUTS - Given the challenges of bridges, unknown events along the route, and potential of law enforcement against riders for bicycle/traffic or nudity related "violations", a small team of scouts who know the city well and have a good eye for potential hazards, can then communicate to the Marshals. Wearing clothes strongly encouraged.

RIDE MARSHALS - A crucial job to keep the ride together, moving, and safe. Help communicate to all riders route and possible detours. Sweep at the end of ride, cork at intersections if appropriate. Establish safe passage for riders at choke points (Bridges, etc). Be calm in dealing with motorists, police, and the rest of the public. Comfortable representing WNBR and supporting riders as needed. Clothed or legally nude encouraged.

VIDEOGRAPHERS - Document this awesome event from start to finish both to show the world NYC's participation in the celebration, and to discourage bad behavior of authorities/motorists/onlookers. We have camera bike-mounts to lend towards this goal. As bare as you dare!

TANDEM BIKES/PEDICABS/LOANER BIKES - Transport press/musicians/video/photographers so they can have hands free. Loaners for folks coming in from out of town. As bare as you dare!

BODY SUPPORT - Hand out water/snacks on route. If you want to donate snacks drinks or water and post up on the route, please let us know! Medics on hand would be nice too.

LEGAL - Know any lawyers who can be contacted in the unlikely event of severe enforcement action?

The days after... MEDIA OUTPUT - Share photos, videos, accounts about the ride, so that we get our message out to the media and make sure next year will be even better!

Any and all donations/contributions are encouraged and welcomed! Food, $$, paint, art supplies, bikes/couches for out-of-towners, photocopies, etc. This is a community project, and we are all liable for ourselves and our good time! Nobody is making money off this, we are doing it because we have had enough indecent exposure to oil, cars, and shame. Inhabitants of all walks of life on the Gulf Coast have had enough. -'

  • We still need your help - --There are plenty of parties/rides/events to spread the word at, and bikes in every neighborhood of the city that need flyers so that their owners/riders will learn that the ride will happen. Get/print some flyers and put them up at your local bike shop
  • Make Contact -Email WNBRNYC (see link at bottom of this page) to get copies of the flyers and find out where you can go to be of the most help. OR.. if you know where you're going, let us know so that we can either send you help or send other volunteers around to other locations. See more below. Help make the ride a success!!!

Social media and outreach

  • FOLLOW ON TWITTER - @wnbrnyc Search hashtag #WNBRNYC.
  • Graphics & Advertising - Flyers are available for mass reproduction and posting in local bike shops, sticking on bicycles and handing out to cyclists and others, see the jpg file above. Talk is cheaper and more eco-friendly, so spread the word at stoplights during your commute! Don't forget to decorate your bike! Make sure you have "World Naked Bike Ride - NYC - 2012" prominently displayed so that passersby will know you are part of the protest.
  • Volunteers - Again, we need more volunteers! We need folks who can attend any events, rides, art-happenings, protests or dance-parties to hand out flyers.... plenty of bikes to be tagged throughout the city, in every neighborhood. We still have one week to spread the word and gather more riders and volunteers. For the day of the event, we need NON-riders to help get riders information, and to help setup and clean up the staging areas before and after the ride.
  • Discussion: Go to the Discussion tab at the top of this page or click here.. WNBR-NYC Discuss