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Date: Saturday 11 June 9, 2012 Time=3pm
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Location: Franklin Park 13th and K st NW.

  • Can anyone confirm this ride happened and or is still active User:Troy Mars

Ride Details

Come join the excitement on Saturday 9, 2012 as the adventurous Washington DC ride!

Purpose: To ride through the United States capital to promote the use of alternatives to oil (or in the negative, "to protest against oil dependency").

We are planning on leaving at 3:00 pm from Franklin Park. We plan to ride past the capital building and the White House.

How Nude is Legal?

DC Indecent Exposure law has been interpreted to mean - one's genitals are covered (Duvallon v DC - 1986). We've worn a tiny penis/scrotum "glove" in years past with no hassles. If followed you need not worry about the police. Women may obviously go top-free. We will have a changing tent.

What to bring?

Please bring body markers. Please bring prepared signs, something to drink (water), sunscreen, helmet, and bike. Search Flickr for "DC naked ride" for ideas.[1] [2]

How to get there?

Please take the subway as parking is limited and those bringing equipment for the ride need it.

Everyone is Welcome!

Please download the flyers at the yahoo group and distribute them in the DC/MD/VA area - especially college campuses and bike shops and tell your friends.

E-mail naturerunner@yahoo.com or go to Yahoo group worldnakedbikeridedc.ca

(Tentative information – check website for details)

Further information

Email naturerunner@yahoo.com for more info.


Talk is cheap. Spread the word!

Distributing posters and flyers is the most important form of promotion for WNBR.

Please help print and distribute the following posters and flyers found on the Yahoo group.

Planning meetings

To attend planning meetings please contact Roger <naturerunner@yahoo.com> or visit the yahoo group worldnakedbikeridedc.ca



Examples of penis gloves worn in past years!

Wnbr-dc1.jpg Wnbr-dc2.jpg


      1. 2010###
impromptu ride with 13 riders.


Saturday 13 June 2009: Evidence of ride having taken place: NBC Washington article.

check out http://elvertbarnes.com/4thWNBR-DC-2009.html


Saturday 7 June 2008: We had about 42 riders. 8-10 of us wore the legal minimum. DC wants genitals covered but, most us the public thought we were nude. It was HOT!! The ride lasted about an hour. We had a photo op in front of the White House. Check out the photos from Elvert Barnes.


Saturday 9 June 2007: Information please!


11 June 2006: First ride. Good cooperation from police. 8 riders. No trouble.



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