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Rides held within the boundaries of Nudist Resorts or private land are not official WNBR events. WNBR Orient Land Trust


It is uncertain if the 2006 ride took place.

2006 planning notes

Who: Some of the most progressive individuals on the planet
What: A ride to protest our dependence on oil and to increase body awareness
When: Saturday 10 June 2006 at Aprox. 11 am
Where: Welcome Center of Orient Land Trust, 12 miles outside Villa Grove, CO

Riders planning on attending this ride need to know several things. OLT is a non profit, naturist land trust. There is an admission fee to get onto the property. It is also their annual contributors 'thank you' party. This means that you will also need to be a contributor to get in as well. The ride is going to start at OLT but we will be riding off of the OLT property. This means that you will not be required to pay anything to do the ride. But if you want to enter the grounds you will need to pay the fees.




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