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Date: Saturday 12 June 2021
Time: 5pm
Location: Third beach, Stanley Park (at 5 p.m. Depart at 8 p.m.


The ride meets at Third Beach, Stanley Park at 5 p.m., with the ride itself starting at 8:00pm. The ride and all ride activities are free; rain or shine!

The event is a protest against car culture and oil spills and pipelines. It is also a celebration of creativity, individuality, and the human powered machine.

Dress code: Bare as you dare (see #RIDE TIPS below).


Where we are meeting


Pay parking is available at Stanley Park, however, the lots are small and will fill up quickly. There is metered street parking near the park as well, just be aware that some spots only allow for one or two hours maximum stay.


Most buses have bike racks on the front with space for two bikes. Get schedules and route maps at Translink


Canada Line - only allows one bike per train car. The Mellenium Line - allows two bikes per train car. Keep in mind that foot passengers and people with disabilities take priority for space on the train. Get schedules and route maps at Translink


There are a few Mobi Bike Stations near the park. You'll need to download the Mobi App to your phone, which can be found on the Mobi Website. If you do rent a bike PLEASE USE A SEAT COVER IF YOU'RE RIDING NUDE. A towel, bandanna, faux fur, or shower cap will suffice.


  • Wear a mask, also do the bicycle distancing thing.
  • Dr. Tam says to use signs instead of shouting, and on hot humid

days you may pass out so a mask is not recommended. Be smart.

  • Suntan lotion and water may be necessities.
  • Renting a bike, cover the seat.
  • Wear a helmet! We want our riders to be safe and it is a law to wear a helmet on busy roads.
  • Bare as you dare! Nudity is not mandatory, but fun attention grabbing clothes, costumes, accessories, and paints help the cause!
  • This is a body positive event. Respect the diversity of the many different body types and genders.
  • This is not a sexual event. We want everyone to feel safe. All sexual orientations are welcome, but please leave any sex toys or BDSM fetish gear at home!
  • Private parts are still private. Don't grope, touch, or ogle other peoples’ parts and please don’t bring yours or theirs up as a topic of conversation with someone you don’t know.
  • This is a "Leave No Trace" event. Don't litter and take everything out that you bring in. Including your clothes. ;)


  • Prepare for riding rain or shine! Bring warm clothes you can easily remove once you warm up.
  • If it's sunny, put on sunscreen!
  • Dress up! Nudity is not mandatory but you can wear costumes and accessories to draw attention to our cause as well.
  • Wear shoes!
  • Bring a backpack or bike basket/crate/bag. This is a ‘Leave no trace’ event so be prepared to take your clothes, gear, and any food with you.
  • Decorate your bike! This is a protest against oil dependency and a celebration of the human powered machine. Bring signs, costumes, and bike bling!
  • Cover your bike seat. If you’re riding naked, fake fur or soft material are recommended.
  • Ride safely and stay together as a group.




Download the Vancouver WNBR Poster. Post it around the city. Share it.



The first naked bike ride in Vancouver was in the middle of winter, on 17 Jan 2002.

In 2003 Conrad Schmidt conceived the World Naked Bike Ride after organising the Naked Bike Rides of the group Artists for Peace/Artists Against War (AFP/AAW)[3] which had taken place in Vancouver, Canada starting in 2002.

WNBR rapidly started to come to life through collaborations with activist groups and individuals around the world. The first WNBR event in 2004 was a collaboration between the WNBR group riding on 12 June and Manifestación Ciclonudista in Spain riding on 19 June, establishing a precedent as a solstitial Saturday observance. Since that time rides have also taken place in February and March (mainly in the Southern Hemisphere). A smaller number of rides have taken place at other times of the year. Before June 2004, two independent organizations — AFP/AAW and Manifestación Ciclonudista — had been organising very similar political events with virtually identical messages of protesting oil dependency. Despite having similar political messages neither of these groups knew of the existence of the other until collaboration began many months before the first WNBR event.

Initially the message of the WNBR was protesting against oil dependency and celebrating the power and individuality of the human body. In 2006, there was a shift towards simplifying the message and focusing on cycling advocacy. While the ride does include and appeal to participants from social nudity circles, the ride is not focused on promoting social nudity directly as much as cycling.

The 2004 WNBR saw events in 28 cities, in ten countries on four continents. By 2010, WNBR had expanded to stage rides in 74 cities, in 17 countries, from the United States to the United Kingdom and Hungary to Paraguay.

Prior to the World Naked Bike ride in 2004 there were many organizations organizing naked bike rides. In Germany naked bike rides were regularly organized by FKK organizations (Freikörperkultur). In Seattle naked bike rides were organized by the Fremont riders. In Spain rides were organized by the Ciclonudista. In Canada naked rides were regularly organized by Artists Against War.