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Date: 6 July 2013h
Time: 14:00
Location: Imbarchino del Valentino


This year Italian WNBR will be the 12 OF JUNE 2012 - 2 PM - PARCO DEL VALENTINO (in front of the "Imbarchino")

For all the infos please visit FACEBOOK PAGE


After the successiful edition of the last year, this year Turin (italy) is going to have its second WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE.

For all the infos please visit ITALIAN WNBR WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE

11 OF JUNE 2011 - TORINO - h. 14:00 PARCO DEL VALENTINO, (in front of the Fluido)

“Bare as you dare" is our quip.

Abandon clothes and refuse the shame of nudity is the way we express dismay and denial to a lifestyle dependent on oil and technology now outclassed. We want emphasis the naked body because this part of us is often overshadowed by clothes, customs, and old thought.

This year the Ciclonudista also promotes the campaign for the referendum about public water, nuclear, and lawful constraint. We decided to promote this point because the government will not bother to advertise the referendum; on the contrary all Italian governance and government are boycotting this last direct democratic instrument that we own and the last one allows us to express, without intermediaries, our opinion on specific issues. Recall that the referendum passes if the quorum is reached; so, at least 25 milions of people must go to the polls.

Like last year we invite children, youth, adults and seniors parade undressed with our ecological means of transport in a peaceful protest in the city; we invite to spend an happy day all togheter: free, united, colourful and funny against pollution, against the subordination of the values of the community favor the economic market! Come, enjoy and promote zero-emission mobility and renewable energy!

Please note that : In the last edition, the city authorities have explicitly tolerated and found to tolerate topless. The organizers will inform participants that in this year there will be a group of Ciclonudista rather considerable amount of people who plan to undress completely honoring, even with the body paint, the original spirit that moves Ciclonudista (World Naked Bike Ride) in the world.

WHAT IF YOU RISK IF YOU COMPLETELY BARE: Theoretically risks, as an individual, to commit the crime provided for Art.726 of the Criminal Code (Acts contrary to public decency): "Whoever, in a public place or open or exposed to the public, takes acts against public decency is punished with imprisonment for up to a months or a fine from 10 to 206 Euros. "

In fact, Article 726 does not expressly prohibit nudism: acts contrary to decency should not be confused with "indecent exposure" much more serious offenses and Art.527 of the Penal code. The recent pronouncements of the Supreme Court agree believe that nudism does not lead to crime. Also in the case of any proceedings against a group of people who experience and are involved in acts of civil disobedience are not prosecution of those individuals.

WHAT IF YOU DO NOT RISK IF YOU COMPLETELY BARE: Absolutely no risk of committing the crimes provided for Art.527 of Penal Code (Indecent exposure) "Whoever, in a public place or open or exposed to the public, engaging in obscene shall be punished with imprisonment from three months until two years, if negligent, a fine from 51 to 329 € "The Article 527 is refers to explicit sexual acts.

The law distinguishes between "obscenity" and "nudity '! Then the offense indecent exposure, far more serious sanction, is not required by Ciclonudista and there is no reason why those who freely choose to undress that offense is punishable!

The organizers accept no liability and / or criminal misconduct of the individual participants.

Promoting this kind of event that by its nature is much more powerful than the classic and often counterproductive "Barricades."

More and more infos will be also available on this wiki soon....

"ciclonudista italia"


We are coordinating the organization of a WNBR (ciclonudista) for the 12th of June 2010 at 14H in Parco del Valentino (Valentino's Park) in Torino. We are promoted the event with flyers a Facebook Page and a with a website. Then numbers of journalists get insterested in it, giving however a good view on it. La Stampa, La Repubblica, A magazine (Corriere dell sera), and the state TV will have a direct for the event that you can follow abroad with this procedure: If saturday you will be free, and you'd like to watch the ciclonudista on television you can watch it from there threw this link:

The ride will be done in a city considered to be really creative and magic but at the same time really conformist. As you may know Italy is quite sanctimonious for all the Mafias and the Vatican... so we think that the best medicine for that is to show our body in this repressed country.

this is the link of the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=bici+e+basta&init=quick#!/event.php?eid=309148417047&ref=ts this is the website link www.ciclonudista.it

the ride will be take place in the centre of the city. We are actually having many support and collaborations from common people, naturist individual (not as associations) and other kind of free organization to promote the event. This is making hope about a huge partecipation of the local people to event. A friend fo mine, who wrote a famous book about 68's in italy and new kind of free expression will write a booklet (like ebook) about that, and over the television, also documentarist (a friend of mine) will make a pro docs on WNBR in Torino.

I will provide all the news after the event.


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