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Please inform yourself about safe and lawful bicycling practices. Please ride a safe and legal SF_WNBR.


SF-WNBR is a 'DIY' event. Please insure the safety of your own bicycle before participating in the Event.

Car Drivers

Some drivers find nudists distracting. We do not want to confuse drivers, especially regarding our movements while on the road! So we tend to obey the traffic laws. It is possible as bicyclists to observe the law while also having fun — if we ride with a courteous and friendly mind, aware of our surroundings.

Lane Splitting

Please refrain from lane-splitting if so directed by law-enforcement. In California, 'lane-splitting' is both the norm, and 'technically illegal' even when CHP moto-cops are doing it. Please do not occupy more than one lane if it would block other traffic.

Promote Good Behavior

As DIY ambassadors of WNBR, Event Participants are encouraged to 'set the example' of a progressive society-by projecting personally-responsible energies.

Rear Views

Having tried over a score of rear-view mirrors, from helmet-mounted designs & even handlebar-attached-, the Take A Look mirror is the *only* design I've seen which both follows the eye and doesnt swing about or vibrate infuriatingly. It's also an unusually well-built piece, made of light, modular, replaceable 'metal' parts! Made in Santa Cruz and sold at REI. under $20. User:Hilarleo

Sensitive areas

Sensitive areas which are normally covered- particularly bums, backs-of-knees, and various crotches — can sunburn quite quickly in summer. These very special areas can also be hard to protect from chafing later on. Please consider a Sun-Block!