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This page contains press coverage of previous SF WNBR rides along with ride reports from some of the participants in these events.


First SF World Naked Bike Ride

  • SF rides the first WNBR in 2004 with about 40 mostly male riders. We gathered at noon in the Embarcadero near the North end of Justin Herman Plaza (just North of the huge fountain with all of the cubic shapes) and head out at 1 PM along Market St to the Castro district. Did we ever stop for pictures? I dont think so. Who knew we were so beautiful?
  • SF Bay Area Indymedia, SF Naked Bike Ride Against Oil Dependency article by Eric Wagner, 12 June 2004
  • Basetree Photography, June 12, 2004 - Naked Bike Ride San Francisco photos by Eric, 12 June 2004

Bike ride to celebrate National Naked Awareness Day

  • Then in July we did it again! But this time, in celebration of Nat'l Naked Awareness Day, we were protected by a new group of the WNBR angels.
  • A few weeks later we got to teach the SF City District Attorney, and SFPD cop John Velasquez, about respect for the law when the SFPD cited 5 of the July riders group.


Northern Hemisphere SF WNBRs

June 9th Ride


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