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These are answers to some questions sent in via the main WNBR site

Can I rent a bike or do I have to have my own?

You can rent bikes at a stand near Market & Drumm Streets about 300 feet south and east from our start point -- in front of the Hyatt Regency. It's called Bike&Roll; 1-866-RENT-A-BIKE. The cost for day use is ~$30 on up depending on the bike and other extras like a helmet and insurance.

There is a somewhat less expensive bike rental near Fisherman's Wharf at SF Bike Rentals about a mile north of the ride start location. Once you have your bike, head south from Fisherman's Wharf to Justin Herman Plaza.

In March 2012, Blazing Saddles near Hyde and Beach Streets offered 50% discounts to WNBR riders who said "Billy bares it all" and they provided complementary seat covers for your bare bottom. Maybe they will do it again. (Don't be naked while getting your rental, however.) Call (415) 202-8888 for details.

Or, ask around our discussion group- You might uncover a Good Samaritan and make a friend.

Lastly, if you are a frequent user of Craiglist, you'll see free bikes from time to time in the "Free Stuff" category. Many of these freebies are ex-Burning Man bikes with cheesy paint and fur. Others are older models that might need a chain, a tube and some minor adjustments. Sometimes you get lucky by pressure washing off years of trail mud and find a fully functional, reasonably good looking bike. There is also a Bicycle category with many low priced bikes.

I'd love to help with the SF ride. Is it happening?

Yes! TOTALLY -It's Happening! lolz. To get involved, to offer your help- Join our yahoogroup list-serve discussion. Then you can help publicize the Event right now, using flyers available in the Promotional section! Thanks so much.

Marina Blvd

Tempting... but I feel concerned, I'm kind of shy.

Come as you are! Wear just as much as you care, or as little as you dare. WNBR is about having a good time, and making the world a better place. But remember, it's a party.

I'd love to do something like this — but I'm also worried! What about the law?

SF_WNBR has been held for 9 years without any legal incident in SF. This is b/c in SF we are able to observe the Event while complying with all the laws. Nude is not lewd in California, nor in SF. Other cities' and counties' restrictions vary. eg., Berkeley has a 15-year-old anti-nudity law that we haven't seen enforced lately. San Jose and Mountain View also have municipal anti-nudity laws. San Diego is planning on enforcing their antique prudery laws.

Will there be roller-skaters /skateboarders at this event? I'd like to join you, but I like to skate /board nude.

We're good if you're good — Come as you are! We ride on public right-of-way, and our route can be adapted to changing modes and energy. You are free to leave "the group" at any point.

Can I ride with my dog on a leash?

I'd first ask the dog if they're comfortable running along a bike. Then it may be prudent to ask a policeman. SF_WNBR is a DIY event, and while you're free to do as you like while on the city streets — we do also ask everyone to co-operate with the law.

I'd love to do something like this in LA.

LA has had a short WNBR ride in the past. SF's is still growing. Join our discussion as WNBR activities expand across California.

Will WNBR happen in my city?

You can check the situation in the USA here:. If you dont see your home- YOU can HELP START YOUR OWN RIDE!

Where can we watch Indecent Exposure to Cars when it comes out?

Indecent Exposure to Cars is advertised on the main WNBR site (based in Vancouver Canada). Check with them for updates. I saw it today... must be there for all future rides.

I'd be willing to have The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence help promote the next ride and make it the biggest ever!!!"


When is the ride?!

SF_WNBR rides each summer, in the second week of June- as well as additional days thru the year, such as one to co-incide with the WNBR Southern Hemisphere Ride date. Please follow the discussion group to learn of additional rides.