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Date: Saturday 4 July 2009
Time: 10am (please be early or on time – ride begins around 11am)
Location: Rotary Community Park (at the Y intersection of West Ojai Ave and HWY 33) in Ojai, California

Media coverage

Ride reports


Unfortunately, the ride in Ojai (O'Hype) went very wrong. Nazi land central!!! A man pulled a knife on our group, focusing on the men, threatening to "cut their fu%&ing nuts off!" He was handcuffed, witnesses were there at the scene, and the cops let him go. Then, I in-line skated down the road along with other cyclists and pedestrians AFTER the parade was over, and the cops singled me out and gave me a ticket for "illegally entering a parade route". LAME! I did not think Ojai was that corrupt. At least my ticket was dropped. Then, the local paper has a thumbs up/down section and they printed "thumbs up" to the man who stopped the naked people from polluting our town. (We do have a lot of supporters too--not everyone in Ojai is a hypocritical, violence promoting sicko.) What happened was a HATE CRIME. But naked people are the most discriminated against group out there and we are not recognized as a minority group. *I think we need to be officially recognized as a minority group. Witnesses finally came forward again and the man was arrested, but the D.A. dropped the case. DISGUSTING. There is a lot of support in Ojai, but there are too many crazy neo nazis here. Thank goodness no one got hurt. I still ride around nearly naked whenever I want--but I'm a force to be reckoned with--and there are too many homophobes for men to do what I do--it's just not accepted here. We are going to write about the incident and let the world know how corrupt the system/Ojai/Ventura County's D.A. are. We live in a very sick and twisted society. Where children watch violent cartoons where the characters beat each other up and kill each other over and over and over again. Where children play violent video games. But naturally naked people?! Oh no!!! What is the world coming to?! It is insane that people (sheeple) are so brain washed that they lack simple reasoning capability. This man-made world we live in promotes and glorifies violence, morbidity, torture, war, and death while condemning the natural naked body. --Even pornography is less harmful than violence--Insane puritanism-Good lord! Wherever I am next year, I shall be in the WNBR! But probably not in "O'Hype". Too many violent, hypocritical, fascists for me. They call it a spiritual "Shangrila". What a sad joke! It's just too divided. What also is mind boggling is, So Cal, where it is warmer year round and has L.A.--sin city number two (so you think they'd be more open to natural nudity)--there are barely any clothing optional areas. Yet up north, where it is much colder year round, people are more comfortable with nudity and there are many more clothing optional areas. Anyway, I shall write about this publicly in the clearest way possible. "Only the truth sets us free and the truth is naked naturally." "Nudity is not porn, it's how we're born!" --Earth Friend Gen, Gennifer Moss--AmmaGen@yahoo.com--www.earthfriendgen.com is coming soon!


Pre-ride message:

Green Greetings from Earth Friend Gen! We're bringing the World Naked Bike Ride to Ojai on the 4th of July! This is a legal and family-friendly event, so we'll be providing creative solutions for covering our strategic zones (smiley-face stickers). Please be as creative and earth-friendly as possible – get Indigenous and Tribal – make something out of flowers and leaves sewed onto a bikini/speedo/boxers – wear healing clay or a loin cloth, etc. We'll be meeting at 10 a.m. at the Rotary Community Park in Ojai (at the Y intersection of West Ojai Ave. and HWY 33). Please be aware of holiday traffic and do your best to be early or on time. The plan is to get ready while the 4th of July parade proceeds through town. Then, once the public may enter the street (around 11 a.m.), we'll all joyously ride through downtown in celebration of the True American Dream: Freedom, Diversity, and Sustainability. We're having a bicycle decorating party the night before and suggest that y'all do the same (please read the information and suggestions listed on the WNBR main site). Also, there's a big after-party! This is the perfect time to liberate yourselves with your friends and family! The more the merrier! * AmmaGen@yahoo.com


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