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Introductory text for the 12 June 2010 ride:

This is Miami's first.... World Naked Bike Ride. It is the labor of love of a few hardcore individuals who believe that Now is the time to stand up for the environment and the health of our planet by promoting independence from oil and car culture. All over the globe, from Auckland to London, from Montreal to Buenos Aires, from New York to Los Angeles; Cyclist will take to the streets in "Bare as you Dare" fashion to oppose the reckless reliance on petroleum products.
This ride is unique for us here in Miami because of our proximity and connection to the gulf oil spill via the gulf stream. It has been disheartening and saddening, to put it mildly, to see the devastation, and suffering due to possible incompetence in part of unregulated oil companies and the governments deficient regulatory institutions. Add to it the concern we feel over the use of dispersants that are not sufficiently understood, studied or tested and the effect that might have on marine life, the acquifer and food chain.. It easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and upset.
Miami World Naked Bike Ride provides a platform for the members of this community to channel all this in a genius, positive, creative, ridiculous and slightly subversive way, ala Henry Thoreau. There is value to exercising our right to peaceful protest. At the very least it will inspire others to do the same, at its very best it will draw us together as a community, show us that we have heart, and help create the bonds that will help heal us a little . Who knows we may have a chance to place our message out there via media letting government and big industry know that the people have a say and a voice. There is power in numbers and I certainly hope you join us and ride on that day. Lets have fun, be truthful and make a memory and a story worth telling.
Nudity is OPTIONAL, costumes and body painting is encouraged, laughter is welcome, lets put a smile on the faces of all those people lucky enough to encounter this curious flotilla of protesters.

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Date: 12 June 2010
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