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Ride Details

This is not an official WNBR event.

Local organisers did not followed prescribed rules of WNBR as specified on the Organizing_a_ride page. Basically the local organiser acted independently, publicising a WNBR on Facebook without specifying or publicising a designated time or assembly place.

  • From the Facebook event group the local organisers wrote:
    • Time: 3:00am - 10:00pm
    • Defend the rights of all cyclists and pedestrians!
    • Protest our dependence on oil! Ride your bike naked wherever you are on June 14 (2008)!

This would have been the first ride in Marquette. Organisers had the initial novel idea of inspiring a "wild rampage" in which bike riders in Marquette ride naked spontaneously sometime during the whole day where ever they find themselves. This breaks with the WNBR rules of organising a ride where participants meet at a specified time and place and ride together as a group. Local organisers were encouraged by the WNBR International Coordinators to adopt the traditional approach because to qualify as an official WNBR event, riders need to ride together as a group and individual streaks by riders do not meet the criteria. The event on Facebook was cancelled before the ride date by the local organiser.


Got questions? Need information about the event? Ask the organiser via email: Ellen Schneeburger or Ellen Schneeburger.


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