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Date: 25 June 2022
Time: ?
Location: ?

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Date: Saturday 27 June 2020CANCELLED Corona
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Date: Saturday 22 June 2019
Time: Registration at 10:00am. See below.
Location: ?, Los Angeles, California

Ride Details

Join us SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 2019

STARTING LOCATION: Los Angeles TBD (was intended to be published on our Facebook and Instagram and several local Meetup Groups the week of the event)

PRE-RIDE FESTIVAL: 10am body/bike decoration at public location -- contact for details

START/DEPARTURE MORNING RIDE TIME: 11:00AM -- Come early and participate in body painting and meet your fellow riders!

MORNING ROUTE: About 5 miles through downtown LA with mild hills. It takes about an hour, at a mild pace with stops to allow the tail end of the ride to catch up. This route is meant for safety, tasteful exposure to modern and classic LA landmarks, and accessibility -- nobody will be left behind. Ride will end where it starts.

START/DEPARTURE AFTERNOON RIDE TIME: 1:30PM -- Come early. Don't get left behind!

ROUTE: About 13 miles mostly flat and will include a portion of the scenic LA River trail. It should take just over two hours, at a mild pace and a stop to regroup after spreading out along the river bike trail. This route is meant for safety, exposure to the efforts to recover the LA River. Nobody will be left behind. If you can't keep up you will be required to be picked up by one of our support vehicles. The ride will finish where it started.

POST-RIDE: There are no plans for an after party.

GET INVOLVED: We need help to help promote the ride, organize body/bike art, help with the after party, or help monitor the riders and follow the traffic law. CONTACT US at wnbr.losangeles@gmail.com to volunteer or on our Facebook page shown below. Also contact us to contribute your testimony/photos from previous rides.


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