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This page has been archived. Please visit Talk:Archived ride locations if you would like to restart this ride.

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I've decided to suspend the WNBR Lex campaign until further notice. I believe we accomplished what we set out to do.

From the first and second ride I, your fearless leader lead a combine group of over 100 cyclist to victory.

  • I'm leaving the Wiki Page as is so further generation can pick up the flag where I left it, and restart the ride.

Welcome to The World Naked Bike Ride Lexington's Wiki Page. AKA TinyURL.com/WNBRL

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WNBR Lexington Emblem

Calling it a World Naked Bike Ride is a bit misleading if you've never heard of one before. You can fully participate in this yearly 'Bare As You Dare' protest against oil dependency with whatever you're wearing right now to fanciful costumes.

This event happens in different cities separate, but together from one another all over the world while carrying the same message against oil dependency. The rides are usually about 10 to 20 miles or so depending on the host city and planned route.

You don't really even need a bicycle to participate. All you need is some form of non-motorized transportation. The ride is going to go slow enough(5 to 10 MPH) for unicycles and skaters to keep up, but would go too fast for people to try it on foot.

If you have body paint, food or anything else you'd like to Donate at the ride meet up will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions like: How is this legal?, or Isn't riding a bike naked painful?, and Is this a ride around the world? can be answered in the FAQs on the left hand side. Please feel free to Contact Us, and I'll answer your questions the best I can.

Lexington Participants and Volunteers

Check the Lexington participants and volunteers for map and more info.

Next ride

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Date: A yearly event on the First Saturday in September since 2011. Check the Lexington events page for specific dates, and other eco-friendly events in Lexington.
Time: Meetup 8 PM EST, Departs 9 PM EST Rain or Shine
Location: *Starting location: Pyramid Park (Corner of Manchester and Driscoll St. Lexington, KY 40508.)

  • In the event of severe weather the ride will be postponed for three weeks.

What's the Main message?

FAQ. Does the ride have a single message?

The main message at times may seem a bit all over the place, but the majority of the rides take to a message against Oil Dependency, burning fossil fuels, and car culture. Most people think we're trying to promote public nudity, but like other protest we're using nudity to symbolize our vulnerability on streets unsafe for cyclist.

Events in Lexington

Check out the Lexington events page for important and last minute info on the Lexington ride, and other events in Lexington.


Your job sitting back, and cheering us on is as important as the participants themselves. Please tell your friends, and don't forget the camera.

Meet along Main St. between Midland Ave. and Limestone. We will be passing this area twice.

Photos and Videos

If you have a minute make a Flickr account, and join the WNBR Lex Flickr Group. Unlike Facebook Flickr doesn't care about simple nudity as long as you follow the Community Guidelines, and Facebook doesn't really do a good job sharing large amounts of photos like a Flickr group would.

  • At the meetup please make sure you have permission from the individual participants before taking photos or videos of them.
  • Please post videos to YouTube with tags World Naked Bike Ride Lexington (said year)
  • Post photos to our Flickr Group. also with tags World Naked Bike Ride Lexington (said year)

Doing this will help with consistency, and will get more views along with the participants being able to see themselves easier.

Contact Us

Organizer 1st and 2nd year: Troy Marusek

  • Please go to the Talk:Lexington page or [Alt-t] to find out how to ask questions and how to contact us.

This ride always needs help seeing the next ride threw

Anyone with a serious interest in seeing the next ride threw even if you don't know how you can help can join our Facebook Street Team Group. or use the talk:Lexington page to organize.

  • Please do not join this group if you just want to participate in the ride.

Street Team

Check out the Street Team section to find out how to print off flyers for the WNBR Lex at home, or at your local office supply store.

Police and The Law

  • If at any time any officers asks you to put on more cloths, or gives you instructions thank them, and do as they say.

As The Kentucky Law is written today nudity in protest is seen no differently then that of a common football game streaker. There is nothing illegal thou about riding bikes in a group. Cars do it all the time so long as we don't block up traffic for an unnecessary length of time.

"A person is guilty of indecent exposure in the (first or second) degree when (he/she) intentionally exposes their genitals under circumstances in which they know, or should know that their conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm (in the first or second degree pending age of witness.)"

  • The definition of 'genitals' refers primarily to just the visible parts of the penis and vagina(butts and boobs not included.)
  • A couple of us were charged with indecent exposure on our second year ride. Full nudity might have to be discouraged since it's more important to just have fun. On the ride a well placed sock is all that's needed for males, and a naked after party is always planned without fear of being charged with anything.

A Note to Wiki Editors

This Wiki is designed to never need updating except for grammar, spelling mistakes, broken links, formality mistakes, and unforeseen problems. The reason I keep things on this page generalized is to make this wiki easier to manage. If you have a wiki account I need help maintaining the Lexington events page, and how to do so is on the Wiki Keepers section.