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This page has been Archived please visit the Talk:Global Ride History if you would like to start or restart this Ride.

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If you would like to help co-ordinate the ride in Kraków, Poland get in touch (contact details will be provided soon). Sorry that this entire page is in English at the moment. We'll soon have information in Polish.

Next ride

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Date: Wednesday 13 June 2007
Time: To be confirmed
Location: We are still waiting to decide the assembly point

Ride organisers/promoters needed

We need people to help organise the 2007 ride.

Kraków ride co-ordinator

We may have a volunteer for coordinator. However, this role is best when done by two people collaborating - one person serving as a backup in case the main person in the role falls ill.

  • arranges meetings, compiles agendas, provides minutes.
  • keeps track of who is doing what, and how far through things people are.
  • deals with problems and follows the discussions at the international level.
  • provides e-mail updates to let people know what is going on.
  • points out where and when help is needed.
  • acts as a contact point for general enquiries (e-mail and mobile phone).
  • maintains contact information (and keeps it secure).
  • oversees moderation on the e-mail list.
  • answers people's questions with care and consideration.
  • ensures that the collective remains non-hierarchical but organised.



Coming soon

Discussion group/s

Join the Worldwide list join this list if you plan to ride and want to receive important updates or share in general Kraków ride planning.

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