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Did a ride happen here on 9 June 2007? Ride details (below) for a proposed 2007 were posted to this page but there is no indication as to whether the ride actually happened.

  • Date: Saturday 9 June 2007?
  • Time: 7pm
  • Location: Corner of Court Street and Geneva Street


Did a ride happen here on 10 June 2006?

Subject: [ithacacriticalmass] Ithacan World Naked Bike Ride 2006
From: "sophie s"
Date: Tue, June 6, 2006 5:08 pm

Hello all,

Just wanted to announce the 2006 World Naked Bike Ride that's happening on June 10th - that's Saturday!

It's kind of like critical mass but naked! You can wear as many or as few clothes as you want.

The Ithaca ride will meet at my place on the corner of Court St. and Geneva St. on Saturday at 7pm. We can meet there, do body painting, talk about the ride, etc, and leave around 8:30-9pm.

Let's celebrate our bodies! Let's stop our dependency on the car culture! Let's have some fun!




Approx 11 riders

Started on Linn St, circled the commons, headed down State(MLK)st towards west end, pulled over on Route 13 and clothed by the po-po.

Mostly positive reactions, but some interesting reactions along racial lines (mostly younger American-born-Africans ie: "that's just wrong"). The privilege of being able to ride around naked should be further politically analysed along lines of privilege/class/race/gender/age and culture.


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