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Date: 14 Sep 2024
Time: 2000 CDT, with decorating party starting around 1800
Location: To Be Determined, quite likely Bohemeo's (720 Telephone Road).


The route will be announced shortly before the ride.
This year's theme is still to be determined.
Visit the H-Town WNBR Website, https://htownwnbr.org.


2023: The theme of the September 2023 ride was Be the Change. With this ride, which began and ended at Bohemeo's, H-Town WNBR finally broke the 100-participant mark (including some skaters). In March 2023, the group teamed up with Pride Bike Ride Houston to revive the Down Underwear Southern Hemisphere Solidarity Ride, which drew about 70 riders and skaters.

2022: The ride moved to September on the night of the Harvest Moon, with no Victory Lap. We returned to Super Happy Fun Land and traveled through some of the usual entertainment districts (e.g. Midtown, Montrose, North Downtown).

2021: This year's theme was "Stop the Monster!" We rode through parts of Inner Loop Houston that could be eliminated or rendered unrecognizable if construction proceeds on the North Houston Highway Improvement Plan (I-45 expansion). These parts include what is now known as EaDo, where a 900-foot-wide corridor will displace popular bars and restaurants.

2019: Started and finished at SHFL as usual. The ride highlighted new bike lanes in the East End and Third Ward. Stops included Bohemeo's and Under the Radar again.

2018: The ride served as a fundraiser to keep Super Happy Fun Land afloat, including the sale of hand-printed, limited-edition souvenir t-shirts. The route started and finished at Super Happy Fun Land. Stops include Bohemeo's, Under the Radar Brewery, the main entrance to Rice University (memorial ceremony at Main & Sunset), and Lola's Depot. The Victory Lap on 14 July was a "mostly trails" outing via the Buffalo Bayou and MKT Trails, with stops including the parking lot by the former Walter's Downtown, Spring Street Tavern and nostuoH.

For 2017, the theme was "The Full Moon." The ride was originally scheduled for 10 June, just after the full moon and the standard Northern Hemisphere date. Riders may interpret the theme however they choose. It actually took place on 17 June, starting on the outer fringes of the Heights, starting and stopping at four micro-breweries, eventually venturing outside Loop 610 for the first time, and crashing a large clothing-optional Burnthday party.

2016's theme celebrate the City of Houston's new Bike Plan, containing the first proposed changes to the city's cycling infrastructure since 1992. Houston's City Council is negotiating a long term municipal plan to provide more comfortable and better connected bicycle routes throughout the city, and to reduce all traffic fatalities to zero. Meanwhile, with gasoline cheaper, more motorists are driving more miles, faster and less cautiously, and cyclists keep dying on our streets and roads. Along the ride, participants observed the recent death of a friend in a hit-and-run auto-bike collision near her home in eastern Harris County.

The theme for 2015 was "H-Town v. Houston," recognizing the conflict between counter-cultural H-Town and the relentlessly gentrifying Houston. H-Town believes in freedom of expression, preserving historic sites, and conserving the planet. Houston has a history of paving over everything that doesn't conform to the needs of developers and oil executives.

Houston also introduced the Down Underwear ride in 2015. This March event, with riders in their undies, is in solidarity with Southern Hemisphere WNBRs.

In 2014, the theme was "Ride of the Living Dead," Deadicated [sic] to Houston-area cyclists who have been killed by motor vehicles, including MetroRail, in recent years. The ride visited the sites of four such fatal accidents. We still call upon the City of Houston to continue and enhance its efforts to making bicycle transport safer. We also call upon our cycling friends to educate themselves on what you can and can't get away with on Houston's streets and roads.

2011 was Houston's first WNBR. In 2012, we had two rides to accommodate busy and traveling people who could not be there for the official Northern Hemisphere ride. This tradition of doubling our pleasure continued in 2013: the 8 June ride was in part a demonstration against the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, while the 15 June ride was more recreational and involved a lot of fountains.

The "Naked" part is with an asterisk, knowing how HPD might respond to a troop of cyclists with their bits on display. The dress code is the standard Bare As You Dare. The more riders we have, the more naked we can be.

Please bring your own supplies to adorn your body or bike, as the facilitators cannot provide for all.



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