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Date: Sunday 30 Jun 2024
Time: 12:30 for 13:30pm start
Location: Hastings beach, opposite the Carlisle pub

Ride details

Please see the Hastings Facebook group for the most up-to-date information and where you can get involved

Although much of the following information relates to the previous rides in 2014, 2015, 2018, 2021, 2022 and 2023, the route remains the same with the same start location as previously - please see below.

As yet, there is no after ride party planned, although the Carlisle is ideally located to meet afterwards if the weather is not conducive to staying on the beach... So please watch this space and the group's Facebook page!

Assembly point

The official assembly point is:

The pebble beach opposite the seafront Carlisle Pub. Meet by the iron sculpture of a boat sticking out of the beach! The sculpture is grey and quite unmistakable! For a map reference, please see the Facebook event page Hastings World Naked Bike Ride 2024.

There is level access to the beach from Denmark Place, the seafront road, at the street level crossing by the traffic lights with Queen's Road. The area is quiet flat and there is plenty of room for however many people turn up.

All other details will remain the same as in recent years: meet from 12:30pm for a 1:30pm ride start time, but given the general acceptance now of nudity in Hastings and East Sussex, you can ride there naked and/or turn up earlier. But best to go further onto the beach, towards the sea and away from the road. I shall most likely cycle there naked, and probably before noon, depending on the weather and whether I have arranged to meet anyone early. Please see my contact details below if you want arrange to meet up early.

The route will start from the crossing, where there is a break in the safety railings, and head West on the seafront road. Alternatively, if numbers are small, we'll use the cycle route which runs parallel to the seafront road on the beach side.

Being a beach, subject to the weather, you can turn up early with additional friends/supporters who are not riding and enjoy a picnic. As we will finish at the same place, you can leave things there with non-riding friends - at you own risk - but it is always advisable you keep suitable clothing with you in case of accident!

The meet-up time of 12:30pm is to allow time for people to arrive and prepare and gives us a full hour to be naked for body-painting - normally people will strip off and paint slogans on their bodies to highlight the issues - so please be as informative and creative as you can.

Body painting and decoration is very much a part of the WNBR. It is also a good time to decorate bikes with garlands and generally socialise with other riders and the public who turn up to support this campaign.

Of course, there's nothing to stop people arriving earlier to relax, picnic and do whatever they would normally do if it's a sunny day on the beach!

Previously ride organisers have asked participants to wait until the official assembly time before getting naked but given it's a public beach and it is not unlawful to be naked in a public place, you are at liberty to sunbathe and swim naked. The law is explained here: https://library.college.police.uk/docs/nudity.pdf

Much of the following still applies although may only apply to previous - years

I'll update it soon.


There is currently no Planning Collective - all protesters are expected to take responsibility for their own demonstration.

Please see the Facebook group page for those involved - they are currently the groups administrators.

We welcome everyone, especially Hastings-based people, to join us in helping to organise one of the UK's most enjoyable World Naked Bike Rides in recent years.

Signing Up

As outlined below, this is not a formal event, so you can just turn up on the day but it does help to get an idea of anticipated numbers expected to demonstrate.

To indicate your participation, please visit the Facebook group. Remember, this is a site for the PROMOTION of the Hastings Ride - unwanted postings WILL be removed without explanation or any further discussion!!!

Dress code & Legality

The World Naked Bike Ride dress code is "As Bare are As You Dare"... How bare is that ? Well, please remember .......the Message is more important than the Messenger!

Be sure that, however you turn up, it best conveys the three tenets of the World Naked Bike Ride. Full nudity is not compulsory although encouraged, simply because naked freedom is one of the main protest themes.

From a legal standpoint, this is a protest or demonstration. It is NOT a formal event, therefore technically there is no requirement to notify the authorities apart from the police that this is a lawful demonstration.

HOWEVER....... the success of the World Naked Bike Ride has always been it's unique non-confrontational approach to protest. Therefore we have, as always, been liaising and working with the Police and Local Authority to ensure this is both an informative and a fun day for everyone, participating or not.

It is not unlawful to be naked in public in the UK, but using nudity to intentionally cause harassment, alarm or distress may be illegal. Don't act offensively and you are very unlikely to be arrested.

While on that point, the theme is 'body-freedom' - not exhibitionism - so if anyone thinks this will be an opportunity to parade around, it won't be. You will be asked to dress and leave if you cause a nuisance and we will ask police for assistance in that if necessary.

The Police will be aware of the protest and will be there for our (your) protection. They will be aware of our intention to ride in protest against oil dependency and in celebration of bicycles. They will be fully aware that many/most of our riders will be nude or partially nude.

WNBR is a fun, inspirational, non-confrontational body-positive event with a positive message of hope. That is why the ride has been such a huge hit and so many are supportive. Just use common sense and mind your manners!

Nude is not lewd!

PLEASE be creative and colourful! Bodypainting and bike decorating are highly encouraged! This is up to you, the riders

Do not be ashamed of your body; that would be against the ethics of the Bike Ride. NO ONE IS EXCLUDED OR DISCRIMINATED AGAINST based on levels of clothing, bodypaint, .....or anything else, for that matter!!

Police & L.A. restrictions

.......There aren't any!

Simple common sense and the laws of the land - England and Wales - apply. Behave as you normally would dressed, and as freely as you wish in any way that will not cause alarm, distress and harassment to others.


There are no taxing uphill elements to the course. So do not feel nervous about keeping up the pace. The route is only 5.5 miles but will take a couple of hours considering the stops, general chaos and fun.

We will have a number of police providing an escort - some on bicycles, some on motorcycles and some in cars/vans leading/trailing the ride, much as Brighton does. Police have estimated about one third of the number who take part in the Brighton Ride, approximately 100, will take part. If numbers necessitate, they will ride ahead and close junctions temporarily to allow us to ride through in one block, so please do keep up! The pace will be a leisurely one!

The plan is as follows and, trust us, it will change:

Start at the lower (south-eastern) end Alexandra Park
Exit on to Bethune Way;
Turn left to the Bethune Way/St Helens Road roundabout and go round this, effectively turning right;
Follow this downhill into Queens Road and Albert Road (past the shopping centre) and turn right at the Carlisle onto the seafront heading west towards St Leonards;
Any latecomers please join the ride at this point, the Carlisle
We ride about 2 miles to West Marina Gardens where we will stop for a ten to fifteen minute break - there are toilet facilities there. That will allow us to regroup and provide for further photo opportunities. .....Now, you will not find this on Google Maps; it is between Grosvenor Road and Seaside Road, so we recommend you do not try to join the ride there.
We then commence our ride back along the coast road to Warrior Square, to regroup and let traffic pass;
Continue east as far as Hastings; turning left into Harold Place (the junction before the Carlisle)
Continue up Havelock Road, with all its music pubs and clubs, and, at the end, turn right into Devonshire Road, right again into South Terrace and right again into Queens Road.
We will take this very slowly as this is the main road that fronts the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre and the second time we will have passed it, with all its crowds of Sunday shoppers. This is where we shall best broadcast our protest message
Continue down Queens Road & Albert Road, turn left at the Carlisle and ride east along the northern carriageway;
Turn left into High Street (where there will be lots of pedestrians), right into the Bourne and right again down the A259 to the seafront. .
The final leg; from the Royal Standard along the westbound carriageway and finishing.......
.......on the Beach, opposite the Carlisle.

A Route Map will be published here as soon as the route and stops are cleared with the Police.

After Ride Entertainment

Please Note: Due to lack of support/interest in this ride, there is NO after ride party planned.

The-Union Bar, formerly the Tubman, has always been a foremost socially consious and active element in Hastings life and has offered its premises freely for an AFTER-PARTY, which will start, say, an hour after the finish of the protest ride.

The event has been hosted on behalf of the World Naked Bike Ride, Hastings, by Harvey Palmer, erstwhile front man for successful Hastings indie band King the Native, and currently an active local concert promoter. All timeline progress for this concert event can be followed at: [1] Please join the event to say you are attending.

IF THE WEATHER IS MISERABLE .....the concert will start as soon a possible after the end of the ride. IF THE WEATHER IS SUNNY .....we shall play it by ear but, trust me, our bands are better than a few hours in the sun!

Four of Hastings' foremost up-and-coming bands (all original material in the hard rock, psychedelic and post-punk veins) are performing 30-45 minute sets and we encourage you to come along and join in. If they turn up this is the kind of entertainment we are offering you.....

Hornet [2] awesome!
The Kid Kapichi [3] cool
Ceyote c potentialized
The General - sweet

Nudity is welcome at The-Union Bar, where it is always tolerated, as indeed are all human rights.

Thanks Paul!

FYI, we have initial indications that the Publican at the Royal Standard would be happy to welcome a pubful of naked cyclists, en-route, to brighten up a Sunday's business.

Bike Hire

Most participants may not own their own bikes. But we have wonderful people in Hastings.
BELLS BICYCLES are offering discount bike hire for the day for £10.00. Hey, that's the same as London .....
Here is their webpage [4] and Meg and I have agreed the following:

A limited number of bicycles will be on offer up till 12:30pm on Sunday.

Please turn up as early as possible for a greater choice of size and style.
All bikes to be returned to Bells by 4:30pm.
The shop closes at 5:00pm. A further charge at the daily rate of £15:00 will be levied for any bicyles returned after this time.

Further information will appear here and on our Facebook page as it all happens.

We Need Help

To make this the best ever "first ride" in UK WNBR history we need the following to volunteer their services on the day :

RIDE MARSHALLS - The front of ride will be marshalled by skater Wagner Pereira who has led the London ride to public acclaim for years. He will be working at the front alongside Richard Collins, who will be noticeable by the presence of a large WNBR flag attached to his bike.
Hopefully there will be a soundsystem vehicle |(rickshaw/bike?) at the rear of ride as the back marker alongside the First Aid rider.
We will need one more marshal to work between the two to ensure safe passage;
STEWARDS - These people do not marshal the ride but are just as important.
They must be friendly but assertive people who must monitor behaviour at the start and ensure the riders leave Alexandra Park as clean as they found it.
They will also serve as an information source for any uninformed riders before the ride.
BODYPAINTERS AND BODY ARTISTS - Hastings is a renowned artist colony. We ask all creative body painters to volunteer their time freely on Sunday 1st June to help our riders convey their protest messages in the most colourful and creative ways.
This is NOT a commercial venture but we encourage riders to make donations to cover the artists costs of materials. But please do not use the World Naked Bike Ride for profit.
BODYPAINTING ITSELF - Things we will need......
- One or more walk-in tents/gazebos to house bodypainting, particularly essential if it is raining
- voluntary provision of bodypaints, brushes, water; this is a demonstration, not a commercial opportunity. Donations will be invited to cover costs.
- volunteers to cut slogan stencils out of cardboard/oilcard well in advance of the ride. Pre-designed A4 stencils can be found for free download at [5]
FIRST AID QUALIFIED PERSON - Health & Safety risk assessment regulates that we require such an individual.
This will be a condition of our inclusion under the Bike Week blanket insurance policy (free of charge), without which we cannot ride. One first-aider should be sufficient in our Ride but it is imperative that person be with the Ride from start to finish.
Volunteers please!
ON-RIDE MOBILE SOUNDSYSTEM - We need a soundsystem on the ride itself. It could be bike-mounted or even on a rickshaw if anyone knows where we can get one donated for the cause. It will also double up as the backmarker to ensure that nobody gets left behind. That's how important it is! Any ideas please?
VIDEO-MAN - We need our own videographer as this is going to be an event beyond cable TV alone. It is preferable he/she is not a participant and is preferably clothed as he/she is going to need to flit from one location to another.

Health & Safety and Risk assessment

Here is an easy-to-understand Risk Assessment which all riders should read as this is NOT a formal event and riders are ultimately responsible for their own behaviour and safety. There will be stewards and one or two ride marshalls but, beyond them, it is up to you.

And thank you to the Exeter ride for highlighting the problem areas and whose layout we plagiarised a little.

Full insurance cover under the Bike Week blanket policy has been applied for today.

Hazard Risk Existing remedy Deficiency Action
Navigating traffic lights & junctions High: collision with other riders, collision with general traffic follow marshals' instructions: a large column of riders, pedestrians is considered in law as one long vehicle. over-excitement & hesitation among riders against impatient motorists If ride body becomes split, the front steward will stop after crossing any junction, and wait until rear of group is across junction
Accident involving rider and other road user very low Legal requirements appertaining to stopping, exchange of details, emergency services, if necessary If injured, participant may be naked Rear of ride marshal to advise front marshal. If rider has an accompanying person to deal with it, rear marshal is to withdraw and assist victim. Police are likely to be in attendance in any event.
Actual conflict (Verbal abuse) with other road users [Riders] Low: general public is almost invariably tolerant Highway code; Road Traffic Act Participants may feel ‘exempt’ from considering other road users Participants reminded via statement on website, that they are responsible for their own actions, and that normal traffic rules apply.
Actual conflict (Verbal abuse) with other road users [General public, motorists] Low: general public is almost invariably tolerant law; commonsense a small minority of motorists are notoriously impatient Riders reminded to maintain good atmosphere, act sensibly, responsible for self. There may be a police presence which will deter untoward behaviour on the part of onlookers
Bicycle breakdown (reparable) none (unpredictable) low Any cycle may suffer minor malfunction which may be easily fixed Rear of ride marshal will carry simple tool kit. Affected participant will wait for him.
Bicycle breakdown (IR-reparable) low none (unpredictable) More serious damage, e.g. puncture, buckled wheel Participant will withdraw, dress and seek own aid.
Sunburn / hypothermia very high Commonsense; website warnings Participants may neglect to apply sun block. Abnormal weather Participants to be made aware that responsibility for this lies with themselves. Marshals cannot supply sun block in case participant is allergic. Participants must be made aware of the effects of abnormal weather conditions (e.g. rain) and take appropriate pre-emptive action.
Circumstances blocking route (eg major road accident ahead, building fire) very low Police instructions Cannot be foreseen depending on circumstances In the event of a diversion, front marshal (who will have local knowledge of the area) will take the diversion, riders follow, police are likely to direct in these circumstances
Riders taking photographs whilst cycling very high; causes collisions and injury Commonsense; website warnings Almost inevitable among overexcited cyclists All marshals to warn snapping riders to stop to take pictures



More than 20 people took part.


51 people took part.

Media coverage







Discussion groups

Please see the Hastings Facebook group for the most up-to-date information

Feel free to join the group and take part in the discussions and organisation. From there you can find the latest Event page where event specific discussion takes place.

If you're not on Facebook, then feel free to email me: richard dot alexander dot collins at gmail.com

Please donate to the WNBR UK Fund

The UK World Naked Bike Ride fund meets the cost of insuring rides
across the UK, and provides local organisers with money for
poster/flyer printing, advertising, ride equipment etc.
Please give generously.