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We will ride on Saturday July 27th and on Aug 24th 2024

Meet at the normal time of 1pm ride at 2pm at the planned start Location: on the Green at Shearway Rd CT194RH,

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We may also plan another Bare Beach Litter Pick & walk on July 28th the day after the first ride.

This will be our 11th and 12th annual Folkestone WNBR

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an annual demonstration that draws attention to the absurdity of oil and gas dependency and celebrates the potential of cycling and the human body. The overuse of the planet's vanishing oil reserves causes pollution, global warming and leads to war, inequality and injustice. Many politicians want to subsidise the car industry and build more runways. They call such follies progress but this is progress towards disaster.

WNBR is an international movement, with rides taking place in over forty locations in the UK and around the world. Riding naked emphasises the vulnerability of cyclists on the road, at the same time as celebrating humanity in the face of mechanisation. If it seems a little crazy, think about the total madness of car culture and its inevitable results.

If you're worried about going nude on the day don't panic as it's fully clothing-optional bare as you dare, Full & partial nudity is encouraged, but not mandatory & if the route is too long for you, you can pull out at one of the rest points. (20).gifEliminate all dependency on oil and make roads safer for (20).gif (23).gif

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Date: Saturday We will ride on Saturday July 27th and on Aug 24th 2024
Time: Meet at 1pm, ride at 2pm
Location: Meet on the Green at Shearway Rd CT19 4RH

If you want some body painting done please turn up from 11am if not please turn up at the normal time of 1pm.

Ride information


Rest point : 30-45 minutes the Leas at the top of Earls Avenue.

Finish: Ride ends at the lower Leas beach with a skinny dip and swim with live music & an ice cream van.

NB: Because of Folkestone's street layout, the start and finish locations will not be the same. Therefore, please do not leave your clothes at the start point, or give them to someone else to look after. Take your clothes and keep them with you.


The start location is very close to the Premier Inn – handy if you need to sleep over.

Key points

Please note:

  • No need to sign up or register for the ride – just join in on the day.
  • The annual date of the Folkestone ride will be planned for the last Saturday of June.
  • All participants must ride bikes – No skaters, runners etc. Bikes only!
  • No face masks are to be worn. No pets on the ride.
  • Ride as bare as you dare!
  • Under-16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Backup date

We now have a emergency backup date. The emergency backup date is only there if we need to postpone the ride due to severe/bad weather or other emergencies. If we ever have to use the backup date it will fall on the following Saturday – same time, same location.

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Past rides: 26th June 2020 No ride due to Covid lockdowns, 29th June 2019, 30th June 2018, 1st July 2017, 2nd July 2016, 4th July 2015, 5th July 2014



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