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Date: Saturday August 17, 2019
Time: TBA
Location: Downtown Eugene Area - Details TBA

Ride details

On Aug 17th 2019, Eugene will join thousands of cyclists around the world celebrating the human body and the bicycle, which together form the most efficient transportation ever created. We will ride our bikes nude (or nearly nude) to remind our fellow travelers that bicyclists are vulnerable when facing 2-ton metal monsters and all of us are vulnerable because of our addiction to fossil fuels.

This Ride will also a support of body positivity and a protest against body shaming.

Ride start location and Route will be somewhere in Downtown Eugene area. details will be disclosed to those that sign up for updates, about 48hrs before the ride, in order to prevent Gawkers and looky Lou’s while we kick off the body positivity protest during our Pre-Ride Face and body paint festivities. we want to create a safe & fun space for our participants while we get ready for our ride.

Creative expression is encouraged: Face / Body Painting Masquerade masks Costumes Creative Human Powered Machines

Be ready for a group picnic/ party in the park both before and after the ride. Think Spinners, Hula hoopers, Slacklining, Acroyoga, Musicians, Frisbee and other creatives, talents & activities, Of course all in various states of undress.

Anyone that starts to say or think, I would like to do that but... let's read the part about Face paint and Masquerade masks again. The only but that matters is your butt, riding with ours in glorious protest, having the most fun you've had all year. There is no reason to let fear keep you from living your best life.

Sign up / Volunteer for Ride

Main Site:

Start location, Route & Updates, Share your ideas, Join in the planning.

FAQ "Is it illegal to be nude in Oregon?" Answer: With few exceptions, nudity is legal in the state of Oregon and women have equal rights with men to be topfree. The three exceptions I know are: #1 It's illegal to use nudity to advertise a commercial venture, #2 Lewd sexual nudity is illegal in public, #3 If you're nude and someone takes your photo without your permission, you are not breaking the law but they might be, especially if you are someplace where you have an expectation of privacy (i.e.: a locker room). Some local laws restrict nudity; in particular it's illegal to display your genitals in Eugene or anywhere in Lane County but you can still show your butt and your chest. Courts in Oregon have ruled that, in the context of a protest, nudity is protected by the First Amendment as free speech. Bottom line for the Eugene WNBR: you can be totally nude during the protest but you must cover up your genitals outside of the protest. Boobs and buns don't count as genitals. Ask permission before taking photos. I am not a lawyer.

Media coverage






Note: the following text was omitted from the KTVZ, KOIN, and WCSH coverage, but was included in the KCBY coverage:
Portland has been host to such rides for several years. Last year's event drew more than 1,000 participants.
"It's just fun and it caught on as a novel thing to do," said Jonathan Maus, editor of "It's a sign of a good healthy bike culture."



We changed the route a little this year. Our newspaper announcement got lost in the shuffle, which may explain why we dad a smaller crowd: about 50 riders this year. Once again, it was a fabulous ride with lots of hoots and hollers from onlookers. We still had no problems with the police. In past years, an officer drove by before the ride and wished us a safe trip after we assured the officer that we intended to follow the rules of the road. This year, they didn't even bother to do that! The cops seemed to ignore us completely. I'm very pleased. Let's keep our peaceful streak going!


Our longest ride yet! The costumes were really nice this year, and a couple dozen naked riders too. This makes four years in a row without any conflicts with the police. Yay. Reactions from the onlookers were extremely positive. And we have t-shirts too!


It was a great day for a naked bike ride! You couldn't ask for nicer weather. Five dozen riders participated, about half of them naked. We rode a zigzag through downtown and then a loop through the Whitaker neighborhood. The first loop was 5 miles, second loop 3 miles. The police didn't hassle us at all because we didn't give them any reason to. Reactions from the crowds were 99% positive.


Fabulous costumes this year, plus nearly half the group with no costumes at all! Same size group of riders as last year. We had a big article in the Eugene Weekly this time around.


JUNE... We had about 60 or 70 riders! Reactions from onlookers were overwhelmingly positive. We had a nice long ride (about 7 miles). We obeyed traffic laws and had no problems with the police. They gave us a 30-second spot on the evening news. Next year, let's get some more body paint and decorations!

MARCH... Not Police Protected this time. It needs to be a safer space event and the police prevented that. They are not invited again. Appleseed will not be there, she will be at the Golden Bay, New Zealand ride. This is entirely DIY for the participants, make your own flyers, gather at 11:30pm, ride at midnight....bring paint, glitter, wings, lights, musical instruments, fire toys, alert the media, BE the WNBR, its all on you! I believe in you, and know you will ROCK it!

Be respectful on the road, don't give the popo a reason to arrest you. Hand Signals, bike lights, travel as a group, take up one lane, etc. it will drive them NUTS that they can't stop you. If you do get arrested, contact the Civil Liberties Defense center for legal representation. You should be protected (nudity wise) as a freedom of speech under the first amendment. Rev. Phil in Pdx has taken this to court many a time, so in Pdx it is legally protected to be naked on a bike.....

We will meet at 11:3pm in Skinner's Butte Park, like the very first time There we can derobe, paint up and help others do the same. at midnight sharp we will leave This time, there is no route, YOU are the route Helmets and Bike Lights a Must!

This is a safer space event. Everyone should be doing their part to make this an inclusive event. all ages, sizes, religious affilitation, gender, sexes, sexual orientations, political affiliation, economic affiliation should feel included. This is a safer space event, do your part to make it so, and support your fellow cyclists if someone is being out of line/ offensive/ oppressive/ putting others in danger

so come on, lets celebrate people! it is about our love of bikes, our positive body image, independence from petro oils.And most of all, it is about being ridiculous, shaking things up, bringing that cosmic wonder back into our eyes, opening our hearts, and screaming from the bottom of our lungs: Less Gas, More ASS!!!!!

World Naked Bike Ride is a protest against our over consumption and dependence on oil by celebrating how wonderful, accessible, inexpensive, and freeing the revolutionary bicycle is!

If you are a fire dancer or musician, please come at 11pm to be a beacon of light for fellow cyclists to gather around! And alert the media: Register Guard, Kezi, Kval, Oregon Voice, Oregon Daily Emerald, Siusulaw News, Eugene Weekly, etc.

And please friend "appleseed bike" on facebook to stay updated!!


Saturday 14 March 2009

This time we were police-escorted! I'm so glad their superiors came to their senses. We won't stop the rock. About 50 people showed up in various states of dress, and we were escorted through the heart of downtown. 45 degrees and raining – nothing can stop Eugenians! We got the whole road and were able to use Monroe St park.

Next ride's on Saturday 13 June 2009! Hopefully Portland will do theirs on a different date so we can ride Eugene and pdx!

Thank you to everyone who participated – you did a wonderful job!

...and sweetlife afterwards rocked.


Our March 2008 ride was terrifying to say the least, yet still very fun and liberating.

...Then June 7th came along and This time around it was all fun! We celebrated bike safety, helmets, lights, laughs, smiles, and bare fun. There were 100+ of us again. We stayed in one lane, we stopped at every red light, and every 4 way cross stop we moved as one vehicle. There were cheers, and costumes and lights.

Dare to bare

Less gas more ass!

The cops came, saw and left, realizing that tasering another innocent this close to last week would be detrimental to their credentials and we didn't give them a reason to taser us.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out - maybe another this August? Let's make it happen!


Planning notes were posted to this page for a proposed ride in 2006. It is not known if the ride went ahead. Notes follow:

OK, I am just getting started. We are in the process of planning The World Naked Bike Ride in Eugene, OR. Hopefully we will have a before and after party with live bands. We plan on trying to get the valet bike parking guys involved (if your from Eugene then you know what i am talking about). Any way we look forward to any advise or help that may be at service and will be posting pics and more info as we get things put together. Thanks ow and ya we are talking about doing this ride of course June 11, 2006.
--Ridenaked4fun 15:57, 31 Aug 2005 (PDT)


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