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Date: Sunday, Aug 7, 2011
Time: Meet at 2:00, ride takes off at 3:00
Location: start at 721 Elati St.

More Information

Directions: Between 7th and 8th Ave (8th Ave. is a one-way street going west, so plan your route out ahead of time if you don't know your way around here). Elati is 5 blocks west of Broadway. 721 Elati St. is a house (residence). We'll be in the backyard!

Bring: Your bikes/rollerblades/skateboard/rollerskates/etc., clothes you can take with you during the ride, water bottle, helmet (please?), and your fabulous self and as many people as you can convince to come ride with us; optional: signs, bike decorations. Some body paints will be provided, but bring some of your own if you want.

Other info: If you live too far away to bike to the start location, please try to car-pool or take public transportation or something. Route will probably be about 7 miles long (possibly less, but not more) and will travel slow enough for everyone to keep up.

General info on organizing: This is an open, community-oriented approach to organizing - anyone can be a part of putting this together, to whatever extent they want to and are able to. Please let us know if you want to do something to help out.

Questions? Concerns? E-mail

Previous events

Sat 11 July 2009: Denver's 2009 World Naked Bike Ride! Another great, low-key ride.

Sunday, May 24th: Open-Community Organizational Meeting
What: Organizing Meeting for Denver's 2009 World Naked Bike Ride
When: Sunday, May 24th, 5:00pm
Where: Cheesman Park - by the structure with the columns on the east side of the park (that way if it starts to rain or thunderstorm, we'll be covered). read: no cafe meeting-place, no need to buy a drink in order to go to the meeting!
Who: Anyone who wants to be a part of the organizing process this year.
Why: We need to decide what date/time to have the ride, the route, how to get the word out, and whether we want to kick off the ride with a neat little bodypainting- &-sustainability festival, like Seattle does for their ride. We'll also need some leadership/volunteer roles filled (publicity coordinator, safety coordinators, art/bodypainting/decoration coordinator, web coordinator, legal liaison, media liaison, T-shirt designer, etc.), so if you want to fill one of these roles, come on out to the meeting and speak up.

Sat 12 July 2008: Denver's 2008 World Naked Bike Ride! Which was a great success...

Wed 9 July 2008: Pre-ride community meeting
6.30pm, Gypsy House Cafe, 13th Avenue and Marion (basement)
We had a community organizational/prep meeting, which was publicized as such: For anyone who is planning on participating in the ride, you can come and learn more about what this is all about, get any questions answered, get some bodypainting/costuming/signage ideas, and just make sure you're on the same page with everyone else before the ride. Some folks from CopWatch will also be doing a Know-Your-Rights training so that people will know what to do should there be any encounters with law enforcement.

Sat 14 June 2008: There was a Naked Bike Ride in Boulder that many Denverites participated in (after all, there's nothing that says you can't participate in two WNBRs in one year!).

6 June 2008: We had a precursor to the actual ride, which involved no actual nudity, but rather all three participants getting as creatively and colorfully body-painted as possible and otherwise body-arted and costumed up for the first "Almost Naked" Painted Bike Ride! The purpose of this ride was to: 1. do something in solidarity with most of the other Northern Hemisphere cities who did their rides that weekend, since we ended up pushing the date of our actual ride way back, 2. do something a little more exciting than flyering to get the word out about the actual ride, and 3. get in gear for the actual ride while having fun! Despite the low turn-out (probably due to last-minute publicity), it went over well enough that it's something we may use again next year (except bigger this time).



Notes posted prior to the 2007 ride, which went off as planned:

We will have a kick-off/prep session for the ride between 6:30 and 8:00pm at the residence of one of the riders and will start from there, but to get to the location of the kick-off, participants will need to check in at a nearby checkpoint, which will be in Cheesman Park between 6:30 and 7:45, probably at the pavilion. The ride itself will probably kick off around 8pm
This will be the very first WNBR for Denver, although rides have taken place in Boulder for the last three years.


Discussion groups

  • WNBR Denver Yahoo! group - please join the yahoo group so we can figure out the start location, route, pre-party location etc!
  • WNBR Denver MySpace page
  • Facebook page: WNBR Denver


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