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Date: Saturday 12th of March 2011
Time: 12 Midday
Location: Breakfast & Beer 117 Vincent Street, Daylesford

Ride Report

The ride was sensational! We had 6 people all up, so quite possibly one of the smallest WNBR'S ever held! But you simply wouldn't believe just how much fun, laughter and wonderment 6 people can create! The Gay and Lesbian 'Chill Out Festival' was on during the Weekend, and Daylesford was packed with an extra 25,000 people.

The weather was great, so we did 3 crazy runs up and down the main street, which was lined with people eating at outdoor cafe's, window shopping and taking in the townships beauty (including the naked ones). We rode to roars of laughter, applause, whistles, many many smiling faces and a few in total disbelief!

The traffic was pretty heavy so we also did a couple of extra runs around the roundabout and a backstreet ride for a break!

The Police attempted to impose themselves heavily at first, because they had been told (by somebody) that 150 people would be riding naked, and they panicked! After a 15 minute conversation with them, and a check when we started off, they disappeared and left us alone for the ride, which was fantastic!

The Ballarat Courier Photographer and Journalist rolled up to cover the event, you can find pic's here:

World Naked Bike Ride through Daylesford - Multimedia - The Courier

An incredibly awesome day! My thanks to Meg and PJ for their help in organizing the event and their wonderful hospitality and for riding with Bon, Kat, Jo, zero and me, you are all sensational, and I can't wait for next year!

Ride Details

The very first World Naked Bike Ride to be held in Daylesford, will take place on Saturday March 12th 2011. Assemble at 12 Midday. The assembly place is Breakfast & Beer 117 Vincent Street, Daylesford. A route map is below.

Route of the WNBR Daylesford 2011


For media enquiries, offers of assistance to help and general enquiries please contact Mechandy, the WNBR Daylesford Organiser by email: mechandy61(at)gmail(dot)com


Media Coverage

Publicity: flyers, posters, images etc

This is the current colour in flyer / poster to be used for the WNBR Daylesford 2011 to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them. Why not colour one in and stick it to your refrigerator?

Colour in flyer / poster



Discussion group/s

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Location information



Daylesford held its first ride in 2011


People interested in participating or organising a WNBR in Daylesford should join the discussion group, try to make contact with others with similar views and demonstrate some initiative. It will happen if you help make it happen! Please refer to the Organizing a ride in Australia page for more information about starting or restarting a ride.