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Cyclists on the main street of Cork (Patrick's Street) WNBR 2015

To date, Cork is the only city on the island of Ireland to host the World Naked Bike Ride.

The Cork WNBR is very colourful as it is run in collaboration with local bodypainting artists. Ireland has a vibrant bodypainting community with dozens of artists, models & photographers meeting every few weeks at bodypainting jams. Everyone volunteers their time, skill and bodies to create art in a safe and fun environment. Some cyclists get painted in elaborate pieces of art, some get painted with slogans to convey their message, and some prefer to go totally bare.

The attendees of the Cork WNBR come from many different groups including:

1. Cyclists who want to protest against the dangers we face daily from the behaviour of drivers. We go naked (or as bare as we dare) to emphasise how vulnerable we are in a collision.

2. People who want to promote body acceptance.

3. People who want to challenge car culture, and promote cycling as a sustainable alternative.

The Cork WNBR is run on a purely volunteer basis. To register as a participant, or to volunteer as a steward, email your name and mobile phone number to

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Date: 24 Aug 2024
Time: TBA
Location: Central Cork City (location via

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Previous rides:


27 August 2022

72 cyclists took to the streets of Cork once again after no bike rides in 2020/2021. The weather was perfect and the cyclists were greeted by Fine Gael councillor Damian Boylan at city hall.


08 June 2019


16 June 2018


10 June 2017


11 June 2016

Cork 2016 WNBR receiving recognition from The Lord Mayor of Cork

The Cork WNBR 2016 was another successful event involving bodypainters from around the country and from as far away as Hawaii. 57 bicyclists, as well as people on roller skates and scooters took part on the 8km scenic tour around Cork city.

The Lord Mayor of Cork (Cllr Chris O’Leary) presented the Centenary Award, to the naked cyclists on the steps of the City Hall, in recognition of Naked Bike Ride’s contribution to Cork community and voluntary society. Although in early years, participants fell foul of gardaí (police) who said that they could face arrest if their nudity offended onlookers, Nicki Ffrench-Davis, one of the original organisers, who opted to collect the award clothed, said that times had changed and that the award was proof of that. “It’s great to be acknowledged,” she said. “The first year was very small with just eight of us cycling up the Marina early in the morning, but it’s grown so much and you can really see that this is part of Cork’s cultural life and community now.”


13 June 2015

Group shot of the Cork 2015 WNBR

The 2015 ride was attended by 39 riders (including 7 stewards) The route took them along Popes Quay, Kyrl's quay, Merchant's Quay, Anglesea Street, Douglas Street, Sullivan's Quay, South Main Street, Patrick's street.


12 July 2014

The Cork WNBR 2014 was another successful event and made good use of some of the newly installed cycle lanes around the city.

Cyclists make good use of the newly installed cycle lanes on the 2014 WNBR


Sat, 22 June 2013 from 14.00 to 16.00

Cyclists enter the scenic grounds of University College Cork. 2013 WNBR

The organisers planned that this would be the last WNBR in Cork. Even though the ride was growing in popularity and size every year, and even the Gardai appeared to accept it as a legitimate protest, the organisers felt that they had made their point. So, for the 2013 ride there was no leafletting, no press releases, no radio interviews, and a very small number of participants was expected. Somehow news of the ride filtered around and 84 naked or semi-naked cyclists plus 10 clothed stewards took to the streets on a dry, warm day. The route took them on North Gate Bridge, Washington street, St. Finbarrs Cathedral, University College including a spectacular ride through the main quadrangle when we split into two groups and cycled around in both directions simultaneously, Douglas Street, Anglesea Street, and back into the city centre. 90 minutes in total. The Gardai did not show up, and there was zero media interest, but the public reaction was brilliant, with drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists giving us a rousing reception.


Saturday 28 July 2012

The ride was organised independently by a collective of cycling activists to happen around the time of the 2012 Cork Cycling Festival.

Cork's 2012 World Naked Bike Ride of 96 naked or semi-naked cyclists and 14 clothed stewards followed a flat route including Cork City Hall, where the ride was greeted by the Deputy Lord Mayor Jim Corr (click media links below for photo), Parnell Place, Lavitts Quay, Merchants Quay, Bachelors Quay, Grattan Street, Washington Street, Grand Parade, South Mall, Anglesea Street, the Elysian Tower, Penrose Quay and Patricks Quay. The ride set out at 3.00pm and lasted about 100 minutes. The 2012 ride was preceded by a successful attempt to set a new world record for the greatest number of bodies painted at a community arts centre called Camden Palace Hotel.

There were photo shoots at Cork City Hall and at Cork Opera House. Because the cyclists had to stop many times at traffic lights (at the request of the Gardai) the team of invited photographers took the opportunity of recording the reactions of pedestrians. The starting point and route of the ride were not announced publicly. Participants were sent a web text telling them the meeting point shortly before the start of the ride. Only the stewards and the invited photographers knew the route. Although this meant that supporters and riders' family members could not be sure of seeing it, the reaction of the public was positive, with many clusters of pedestrians cheering and clapping as the ride passed. Some cyclists who had been in WNBR events in the UK noted the advantage of keeping the route secret, in that there was no intrusion by sleazy photographers, which took from their enjoyment of the London and Brighton rides.


Saturday 16 July 2011, 20:00

77 naked cyclists, 16 clothed stewards.


Monday 19 July 2010, 06.00

46 naked cyclists and 9 clothed stewards.


Monday 20 July 2009, 06.00

8 naked cyclists, and no clothed stewards.








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