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World Naked Bike Ride Columbus Ohio 11 Jun 2022, 9:00 PM Location: TBA shortly with further information, stayed tuned!

But for now: Last year we had over 1500 nude or nearly nude cyclists take Columbus by storm to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists on the road.

BARE AS YOU DARE: Wear as little as you like.....body paint, costumes, merkins, nipple tassles..... get creative!

The ride exists to highlight: 1>the vulnerability of cyclists to automobiles 2> protest our dependence on oil 3> celebrate our beautiful bodies by rejecting all forms of body shame.

Everyone is invited. Runners, skaters, rollerbladers and tall bikes are encouraged to participate.

The ride will be approximately 10 miles long, slow paced.

Is this ride free?Yes, this is a free bicycle ride. Donations of money and body paint are all welcome. We do have some big costs, so any donation is extremely welcome and necessary for this event to continue.

"What should I bring?" Arrive clothed and shoed. You should bring yourself, your wheels, a pack to keep your clothes in, and any other basic supplies desired. You will not be able to leave anything at the start location, including your clothes, so if you have extra supplies, make sure you have a basket or rack or large bag or something. A helmet, lights and shoes are recommended!

Where can I park? At home please. This is a ride protesting car culture, try to bike or otherwise reduce the amount of automobile traffic.

Can I come hang out naked if I'm not going to ride? No, because the goal is partially to be nude, but more than that, to show that cutting down on oil consumption can be fun. Especially if you drive over, then not ride, you're making it worse. .....Your bike is your ticket.....

What if I get lost? Or breakdown? There will be maps. But the mass does not stop. There are a number of riders knowingly equipped to help out, but only for minor problems. We do have a dedicated "sag wagon" to pick up stragglers but in the event that it is full just rejoin us at the end point when you can

Worried about the law? Men and women are allowed to be topless in Columbus and the Ohio indecent exposure statutes state that exposing your 'private parts' is illegal. If you don't want to think about it, dudes, try a sock, ladies, merkins are making a come back!

The police will be warned beforehand so we won't be surprising anybody. Remember, it's as bare as you dare, but totally nude cyclists will be in good company. Above all, we ask each of our participants to aid in creating a body-positive, safe, fun space for everyone else!

NO PHOTOS in our before/after party space except authorized WNBR identified photographers. You will be asked to leave if you are taking photos. Assume that you will be photographed on ride by spectators. . NO GLASS! RECYCLE cans. Bring refillables..



RESPECT: WNBR C-bus is a SAFE SPACE for ALL RACES, AGES, SEXES, ORIENTATIONS and GENDER IDENTITIES. Be nice. Anyone who thinks they will be attending a sex party will be seriously disappointed.

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Date: 11 Jun 2022
Time: 9:00pm
Location: TBA, Stay tuned


Columbus, Ohio had its first World Naked Bike Ride on June 12th 2010 at midnight in the torrential downpour of a summer thunderstorm with about 180 participants. The afterparty was held at the Righteous Mothers Bicycle Clubhouse, where the first post-ride naked limbo contest was held. The second Columbus naked ride was held the following year on June 9th ending at the same location with 350 participants. In 2012, we got too big for our britches at the RMBC clubouse and moved to 400 W Rich St. There, we launched the ride with an estimated 600-700 riders, exposing the Franklinton Arts District and Downtown Columbus to the ride for the first time.



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