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Date: 20 July 2024
Time: Assemble 1pm, Ride departs 2pm
Location: Toby Carvery Marine Parade West CO15 Car Park

Bike Week,

Ride details

Assembly point

Toby Carvery Marine Parade West CO15 Car Park

Clacton WNBR.jpg

Dress Code: "Is Nudity mandatory?"

Come as bare as you dare. Nudity makes a great statement, and many of us will be completely naked, but if you're more comfortable in a little clothing, that's fine too. In previous years, riders have worn shorts, bras, swimwear, body paint, wigs, sunglasses etc. Most wear footwear and bring bags to carry clothes. Body painting and adornment, customised bikes and other creative expression are all strongly encouraged.

See also the United Kingdom FAQ for more information on this topic

Local regulations

The following items are not permitted in the town center only on roads or on the footpaths.

  • No Bells or Horns apart from bicycle Bells & Horns may be used.
  • No Loud whistles of any kind may be used in the town center.
  • No Loud music untill the ride has past the cinema. This is because part of the route gose past the towns hospital.
  • No unicycles.
  • No skateboard.
  • No roller blades.
  • No roller skates.
  • No scooters.

Bicycles ONLY may be used on this ride as local town laws forbid the use of the above items in the town center only.


Clacton WNBR Route Map.jpg


Clacton World Naked Bike Ride

Notice to participants from Clacton Police

As advertised on the Web site this is about worldwide environmental protest against the destructive elements of car culture and a celebration of the bicycle and the body.

It is not about promoting ‘Naturism’ and as such is being allowed to proceed over the right to protest.

Please familiarise yourself with the attached legislation which will be positively enforced by the police if necessary particularly sect 66

Section 66 Sexual Offences Act A person commits an offence if- (a) He intentionally exposes his genitals, and (b) he intends that someone will see them and be caused alarm or distress

There is other legislation but this is the most important one.

Please be aware that if any item of clothing is worn by a person other than socks, shoes, hats and gloves then either the female or male genitalia must be covered.

If this is not the case then the police will in effect take it that you are deliberately trying to draw attention to your genitalia thus having the intention to cause harassment alarm or distress to onlookers.

It must be stressed that any adornment on the body deliberately worn to draw attention to either the male or female genitalia will also be treated the same.

No person under the age of 18 are allowed to participate – Naked or otherwise Local regulations

We would ask that you be considerate and respectful to both the local and tourist population as Clacton is promoted as family orientated seaside resort.

Please remember that not everyone will be of the same thought as yourselves and many may find your actions distasteful and insulting.

The aim of the police

To ensure the safety of the public, event participants and police personnel.

To minimise the disruption to other road users.

To ensure the participants act within the spirit of the event.

Public transport


Poster and Flyers


See also United Kingdom page