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2009 Ride Details

  • Saturday 14 March 2009
  • Time: 2pm
  • Location: The Rails Car Park

The ride will occur Saturday the 14th of March 2009. Assemble clothed with your bike, suitable shoes and helmet (compulsory) at 2pm The Rails Car Park (outside the Travel Centre at the old Railway Station). If you are visiting Byron Bay and want to participate in the event you are more than welcome. See the Borrow a bike section below.

Nimbin rides on Saturday the 7th of March 2009 and Brisbane rides on Saturday the 21st of March 2009. Nimbin and Brisbane are within commuting distance of Byron Bay so keen participants can ride in all 3 of these places.

After a great first ride by 15 participants in 2008, Byron Bay rides again in 2009 . Be there and continue the history ! Byron Bike Rider, is the initial point of contact. To make WNBR Byron Bay 2009 a success, if you can offer help or ideas, please contact them. People interested in participating or helping Byron Bike Rider organise a WNBR in Byron Bay should join the WNBR Australia Yahoo! group and WNBR Byron Bay Facebook discussion groups, try to make contact with others with similar views and demonstrate some initiative. It will happen again, and you can be a part of it !

The ride is `bare as you dare' --- we suggest body paint, but you are free to wear as much or as little as you want. Fancy dress, self-decoration and other attention-grabbers are all very much encouraged. See The Art of WNBR for ideas on decorating yourself and your bike as well as lots of other background information. Knowledge is power !

Want to ride naked but aren't sure ? Get down to the local clothes-optional beach and get used to the idea of being nude outdoors and in public. But remember --- it's bare as you dare. You don't have to ride naked if you don't want to.

Make sure your bike is reliable. There will be no back-up team. If your bike lets you down, you're out of the event ! Sorry. Consider getting the fancy puncture-resistant tyres; they're expensive, but might save you on the day. Don't just dig that old boneshaker out of the shed two days before the event and hope it will be alright. It won't. If you don't ride regularly, start now; get to know your machine so that you're not worrying about it during the ride.

Borrow a bike

Are you visiting Byron Bay or do not have a bike for other reasons to participate in the WNBR? The owner of Byron Bay Bicycles kindly agreed to lend us any bikes we needed for the 2008 ride for free. Byron Bay Bicycles, The Plaza Jonson Street, Telephone (02) 6685 8561. This arrangement may also apply this year too. Stay posted for updates.


The laws that are relevant to public nudity in New South Wales are applicable througout the state. For discussion of this topic, please refer to the separate page about New South Wales Laws.

Byron Bay 2009

This is the superceded flyer, poster and BIG POSTER to be used for the WNBR 2009 (the Brisilian Triangle) Nimbin, Byron Bay and Brisbane to help promote participation. Please print these, pass them out and stick them up where people will see them. Why not colour one in and stick it to your refrigerator?