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Date: 12 June 2010
Time: Noon
Location: Battery Street and Maple Street, Burlington, Vermont




Sat 13 June 2009: Evidence of ride having taken place: YouTube video: "Burlington VT World Naked Bike Ride June 13, 2009", and report on website.


Sat 7 June 2008, 2pm, Rose Street Artists Coop. - About 110 riders. The cops were tailing us the whole time - so I went and talked to them about the ridiculousness of them spending energy to "protect" us from the cheering waving people, and I don't think they'll be so closely involved in 09. There was another ride started in Montpelier this year and we coordinated ride times to start together - the had about 40 to 50 riders with no incident. That's a good 100% growth for our state from what little I remember about 2007.


I forget what happened in 2007 - but I do know we get more riders every year, and that the only bad weather year was 2006.


The 2006 World Naked Bike Ride was Burlngton's second annual event and the most excellent so far. It was a rainy and unseasonably cold day in Burlington – 49 degrees – but still we had about 60 riders: more than double the number on the first ride in 2005. We are hoping June 2007 will be more June-like! With the amount of buzz and promotion, I think we could have filled the streets! We were the lead story on the local news both Friday night and on Saturday, ensuring the message was spread beyond the umbrellaed spectators! Photos of the ride can be seen in our Yahoo! group and also on our website (see links below).


The concept of a World Naked Bike Ride through the college town of Burlington, Vermont was introduced in the autumn of 2004 by John, the owner of the Naked In Vermont website. A Yahoo! group (link removed) was created for the purpose of allowing people interested in such a ride to gather and plan the very first ride through Burlington.

With the help of a few local people who walked around and talked to people and put up posters, the first ride took place on 11 June 2005. The ride commenced on North Winooski Avenue and proceeded to downtown and wound through the streets of Burlington down Bank Street and over to College Street, Main Street and around several other high traffic streets. Crowds cheered and applauded the naked riders as they made their way through town.

The first World Naked Bike Ride was featured in the weekly newspaper, and included a nice photo of the riders stopping on College Street for free refreshments provided by the local Stone Soup café.


Camping - *Enjoy Burlington Site - look for NORTH BEACH CAMPGROUND There is a Hilton and a Sheraton in town too. Or Google bed and breakfasts. There is a nice one on Willard Street.

Note: There is a history of conflict/controversy about recent rides. At one time two different groups were organizing for Burlington. But, with the success of the 2006 ride it is safe to say everyone is working together.


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