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This page has been archived. Please visit the talk page of 'Archived ride locations' if you would like to start or restart a ride at Belfast.

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Date: TBA (probably on 7 June 2008)
Time: TBA
Location: Assemble at a location TBA, and depart 1/2 hour after assembly.

First Ever Northern Ireland Ride

This ride is to be held in Northern Ireland, that is to say the Belfast we're discussing isn't in Maine, USA.

Register your Interest

The first World Naked Bike Ride is going to happen in early June 2008. We're just getting this wikipage set up with info, so if you have questions or want to simply register your interest in participating in the ride, visit World Naked Bike Ride and register your interest.


The route may be announced beforehand, otherwise, simply turn up at the assembly point for details.

Bike Hire

Bikes can be hired from several places in Belfast, but we'll try to list some recommended hire locations shortly.

Meetings and Events

The ride planning currently takes place on the WNBR UK Yahoo! group. When there is sufficient interest, we'll probably put together a dedicated Belfast WNBR list.


The Belfast ride publicity materials will be provided here for download and distribution.

Media coverage

There is always plenty of TV and Radio coverage locally, plus some mention in national media. Here we will provide links to stories which are available on the internet, and apply specifically to Sheffield.


Not till after the ride.



Discussion group/s

Join the WNBR UK list if you plan to ride and want to receive important updates or share in general UK ride planning.

  • WNBR UK – Yahoo! discussion group for all UK rides

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  • Bike Week - The Belfast ride will very likely be a registered ride in the UK's annual 'celebration of cycling'!

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