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Next ride

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Date: 11 Jun 2022
Time: ?
Location: ?

2013 Ride

The ride will be on Saturday, June 15th. More details to come.

2012 Ride

This year's ride is on Saturday June 9th, 2012. Location 4701 E. 5th, Austin at the Delta Mill

7:30pm for the preride body painting and bike decorating party $10.00 pays for the Mill and Music before and after the ride. This provides a safe and private location to prepare for the ride, stash your street clothes during the ride, as well as shower down and party after the ride. All profits go to Austin Bicycle charities. As with other WNBR events, this is clothing optional and as bare as you dare. We have filed a special event application with APD for this ride and have been granted a permit for the ride. Still bare as you dare, but I don't expect any issues with APD. 9:00pm for the ride - this will start at the Mill and go downtown to the capitol ( 7 miles) and return

We have a common shared transportation mode, a common risk, and a common message. Creating our own motion through space is a beautiful thing. Like dance, the exertion and skill attached to it expand the moment and makes us smile. We are dancing through the city on two wheels, encouraging others to do the same! Join us on June 9! This is a bucket list event you just can't miss!

We have a new website that condenses the information found scattered in the social sites. This will be our semi permanent site for WNBR in Austin. Email also available from that site.

Email the contact below with any questions, or if you would like to help out with the ride.



This ride has happened on and off since 2004, with 2010 having by far the best turn out so far. There was no ride in 2011, due to a family emergency for the previous admin of the Austin ride. There are numerous people who want this ride to continue happening, and something is in the works for 2012, but it will be some time before there is any further information.

Please email the contact below if you want to help out in 2012 or have any information about previous rides, particularly 2010.




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