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Date: Saturday 11 June 2011
Time: Activities Noon, Ride 1pm
Location: Lark Street / Washington Park



The 2011 ride will focus on two issues - our societies dependence on oil and cars, along with the topfreedom rights that women have within the State of New York.


The first attempt for the 2010 ride took place on June 12th. Due to heavy rains in the morning only two riders participated. The rain date on June 19th only had four riders participate, likely due to the late change in date.


The 2009 Bike Ride in Albany, NY took place on June 13th. 14 Bike riders were in attendance, 10 men and 4 women. The ride involved completing a number of rides around Washington Park in various levels of undress. It is hoped that the word will spread about the event and that more people will attend the 2010 bike ride.





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