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Next ride

Date: Saturday 9 June 2018
Time: Depends on start point
Location: Various

Start points

The date for WNBR London 2018 has been confirmed as Saturday 9th June 2018. Start points, timing and routes are being confirmed. We still need more volunteers to help out at each of the starts - please volunteer!!


Planned but subject to final approval by the Royal Parks:

Not running:

Route details will not be decided until closer to the date but are likely to be based on last year's ride. Subject to confirmation, here's a topological map (similar to a tube map) showing how they fit together:


Marble Arch, Regents Park, and Kings Cross will merge together near Piccadilly Circus. Tower Hill joins them at Trafalgar Square. Kew Bridge is a feeder ride for the Clapham Junction start. This merges with West Norwood at Vauxhall Bridge. Everyone will merge together around Westminster Bridge, then complete the rest of the route in a huge group of around 1000 riders together, with one rest break on the way.

Here's a geographical map, using the same colours for each leg of the route:

London 2017 routes all.png

NB The exact departure times may change on the day, depending on how many people go to each start point. However, they won't be any earlier than the assembly times listed here.

Things to Know

Wear clothes before and after the ride

Do not undress until just before the protest moves off, as this will undermine our positive relationship with the authorities. There is no law against nudity in England, but please don't exercise your right to nudity in London before the ride, as it will impact on our ability to make arrangements with police. Feel free to undress in the UK at any other time of the year, as this will not have any impact on the WNBR.

Body paint, decorated bikes, flags, whistles, etc make a great impression. Remember - it is AS BARE AS YOU DARE you do not need to be naked.

Some more information about the photography policy can be found here: UK FAQ

Assembly area

You can assemble at one of the start points before the actual start time; see above for exact times at different lcoations. You can stay dressed as long as you want, but don't get undressed more than five minutes before the advertised start time, or as otherwise directed. If you turn up too early, Stewards will ask you to leave and return at the proper time. See the section below to read why. Be prepared to form up ready for departure at about five minutes before departure. The protest will start at different times at different locations - see details above.

Body Painting

This varies depending on the start point. Please consult the relevant page for specific information.


Arranging the route for the WNBR requires negotiation with multiple authorities, working around other events, some of which are planned well in advance and others which occur on very short notice. The WNBR isn't the London Marathon and can't agree roads being closed months in advance. We try and ensure the route goes past many of the London landmarks where it will be seen by people on the streets. This helps to promote the goals of the protest ride whilst letting you see London whilst doing something a little bit different. We do try to announce the route beforehand, but sometimes it is difficult to do so without having to change it at the last minute. This is why the route isn't always available beforehand and may even change on the day at the discretion of the lead marshal.

After the rides come together, the plan is to follow a circular 9 mile (14km) route of mostly flat cycling. The route should see you passing the London landmarks of Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Parliament, Westminster Bridge, London Eye, Waterloo Bridge, Royal Courts of Justice, Covent Garden, The Mall and Wellington Arch.

It's a really good idea to take your clothes with you on the ride. Make sure they are secured though. You don't want to be the person who lost their clothes on the ride or the one whose friends decided the ride was taking too long, they had better things to do and went home with your clothes.

Even though the route will be circular, there is no plan to provide secure storage while we are doing the ride.

Ride length

About 9 miles plus a variable start leg depending on where you begin. Very few hills. An easy, leisurely ride! In 2011 it took 2.5 hours and we still managed to lose people at traffic lights.


The finish is Hyde Park Corner/Wellington Arch. When you arrive at the end of the ride, congratulate yourself and fellow riders on staging a successful protest. The finish area will not be a venue for prolonged naked socialising. So when you've found your friends, taken your photographs and celebrated the highlights of the ride, please get dressed and move on to continue your celebrations elsewhere. In particular, please note that playing games, such as Frisbee or ball games, in the finish area is not allowed.

The dispersal will commence as soon as the ride finishes. People will be asked by Stewards to leave the roadway, dress and depart immediately.


Get dressed before you leave the finish area. If you decide to move into surrounding areas, please show consideration for others. Remember that any misbehaviour that is associated with WNBR riders may jeopardise our ability to continue assembling anywhere in London in future years.

After Ride Celebration

The West Norwood group are planning a return ride and BBQ. At this time there is no other after-ride party planned. Any gatherings elsewhere or parties in the evening are not affiliated with the World Naked Bike Ride. We can accept no responsibility for what you choose to do before or after the ride.