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Problems Editing locked pages

I'm working on trying to clear up the 'List of rides' page. I'm trying state on the Tampa Bay and Atlanta pages that they've been archived, but I can't since they are locked from editing. Can you unlock them for me, or add the Archived message at the top of those pages?

Welcome to the Brussels Wiki pages, Marte

and many thanks for starting Brussels english translation ! --Velojef 09:09, 23 June 2007 (PDT)

Cool typeface!

Marte, Where did you get that cool typeface (the one used with the rainbow fill)? D 17:00, 9 Oct 2006 (PDT)

Daniel, I found it at abstract fonts. The type face is called "chick" and I found it back on page 18 of 24 when sorting on fonts by letter C displaying 30 fonts per page. All the fonts you can get there are free and they have thousands. I am trying to decide on a new font for my 2007 promo stuff. The rainbow fill is a tool of the Arcsoft PhotoImpression 4 software that came with my PC.

User Talk

Hi Marte. To send other users messages, please use the User_talk function, eg: User talk:Nsayers. Please also sign your posts using the signature/timestamp button. ie:


--Nsayers 15:35, 11 October 2006 (PDT)

Canberra meeting point

Hi Marte,

For the ride meeting point on Canberra, also on the Australia press release, I nearly modified AKA into aka. Though these are about equivalent, I feel 'aka' to allow paying most attention to both names instead of to the 'AKA' abbreviation itself.
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary redirects AKA to aka (and does not recognize a.k.a. or A.K.A.). For Canberra, Australian Karting Association seems likelier than American Kickboxing Association/Academy, American Karate Association or Advanced Knowledge Associates. Also a.k.a. might not be best. Wikipedia's so-called proper professional a/k/a/ must be a joke [mentioned 'citation needed'].
On Australian sites, as an abbreviation, aka is slightly more common than AKA - also when the alternative name is not put between commas or parenthesis.

But then...
As an outsider, I also couldn't figure out whether "Kuttabul Place" is another name for "Barrine Drive Carpark" or for "Commonwealth Avenue". A quick bit of googling indicates the Avenue to run through a series of suburbs, while Barrine Drive runs through two, one of which has the Place. Elsewhere, I read "Barrine Drive carpark", small c. Hence It seems that the meeting point is not far from Commonwealth Avenue, at or on the unnamed carpark that is located at the junction of or between Kuttabul Place and Barrine Drive.

My attention was drawn to the location mainly by a few huge image files that became uploaded by User:Wnbr.canberra.
A far more reasonable size upload shows a route map that puts the starting point near the junction of Parkes Way and Commonwealth Ave.

If I'd be in the neighbourhood (unlikely), I would like to join the group that might be at a point often near but maybe never coinciding with my continuously changing location: In despair, I might miss the start. Or even won't take that risk and decide to stay away. Let's have the spot on Google Maps in here. I now described the meeting point as "The Kuttabul Place carpark (at the end of Barrine Drive), immediately SW of the Commonwealth Avenue and Parkes Way junction". I dropped the reference to the relatively large lake that could disorientate rather than precisise: the avenue and Parkes Way are good larger scale references and their junction is much more accurate.

Phrases on a wiki tend to be more often ambiguous or simply slightly mistaken than one realizes. Your interpretation of "or" made you change it into "AKA", apparently bringing it even further from a proper interpretation. Unless I just made things worse than ever: Google Maps has been known to unofficially or inaccurately place streetnames. A local's information might be valuable, e.g. in case the pier would be signposted from farther away or more clearly than nearby carpark signs.
SomeHuman 2010-03-05 08:51 (GMT)

Hi SomeHuman,
I first put "or" because I thought that two seperate places were mentioned and then when I was told by email and on facebook by the Canberra Organisers that they were different descriptions for the same place, I put "AKA". You have described the assembly place correctly now. That description is consistent with the poster and the route map. Your link to the Google satellite map looked good so I added a link to it and mentioned that the route map has a red marker. I enlarged the thumbnail of the route map so the red marker is visable in the thumbnail. The Canberra Organisers are happy to do their own wiki edits so I am keen to let them have the space to do that. If they want to mention the lake or the boat hire shop as landmarks that seems reasonable to me. The lake is Lake Burley Griffin and it is obvious in the route map and satellite map. The boat hire shop can be seen in the satellite map too.
--Marte Kinder 16:35, 5 March 2010 (UTC)

Surely Marte, my edit did not remove anything about a boat hire shop, only about the obviously seen lake with a length close to Canberra's: not very useful to specify a meeting point for the city's ride while from about just as far away, the mentioned major roads bring people to a closer vincinity. Especially unuseful with the lake also at the wrong side of Commonwealth Avenue. Together with an unrelated site mentioning a pier at Kuttabul apparently so as to find some spot, it was the Google Maps satellite view that made me suggest for local editors to mention it for instance in case it would be well signposted, it might for instance also be easily seen from the major roads. So I too am all too glad to leave decisions on the local pages to the local editors and groups - I had in fact, explicitly written that elsewhere at 2010-03-03 01:08-10:36. But on a wiki, when appropriate and hopefully not thoughtlessly, one should not refrain from improving things anywhere. That larger input, and visibility, make a wiki offer major advantages compared to local group sites.
SomeHuman 2010-03-06 07:47-07:54 (GMT)

External linking

Hi again,
I removed the visually immediately spotted link to the Peruvian organisers' site form the List of rides. One reason is given by the edit comment, but there is another one: in general, it is not best practice to put (especially undue attention drawing) links that facilitate readers to leave one's site before they can be assumed to have taken a good look around. Instead, an inline comment suffices for maintaining the list, and both Lima and Peru obtained a clear and simple [English language] statement allowing to recognize the organisers' site.
We should not encourage local groups to leave this wiki for what it appears worth to them so far, instead try to get their attention for maintaining at least their main page a bit.
Nice find for Lima's missing ride information. Kind regards,
SomeHuman 2010-03-06 09:35 (GMT)

Welcome back !

 :-) - Erik Baas 19:16, 6 March 2012 (PST) Thanks Erik. Welcome back to you too.