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This page has been archived. Please visit the talk page of 'Archived ride locations' if you would like to start or restart a ride at Tweed Heads.

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There is a story that six naked bike riders (four men and two women), led by Luke and Kathy, took part in the WNBR on 12 June 2004, from Tweed Heads to Bilambil. There are no known photographs of the ride and Luke and Kathy have lost contact with the rest of the WNBR. The only news of the ride came to light via an indirect report in an email to one of the WNBR Yahoo! groups. There is no real evidence that the ride ocurred. Did it really happen?


People interested in participating or organising a WNBR in Tweed Heads should join the discussion group, try to make contact with others with similar views and demonstrate some initiative. It will happen if you help make it happen! Please refer to the Organizing a ride in Australia page for more information about starting or restarting a ride.

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  • Kearney, Hugh Peddling Nude, Tweed Newspaper Company, Feb 20, 2006



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