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Original source

Original source of information (now gone):

Previous rides data

We should probably put a table here with the name of the city, date of ride, number of participants, summary or link to ride report and a link to the Wiki page. D 15:19, 30 May 2006 (PDT)

Now at Previous rides data --Nsayers 10:03, 19 January 2010 (UTC)

Redirect to 'List of rides'

After several modifications by User:Nsayers and myself (see History: edit comments, previous versions), having verified/ensured that the extremely little content after 2006 appeared in the Cities pages, with Nsayers having moved all information for previous rides into the table Previous rides data, there was little more information here than already in the List of rides. The latter's header could easily be modified to integrate that little extra info (with a bit of rewriting and reordering for logic and readability, and of course eliminating its link to 'Past events'). This allowed me to REDIRECT 'Past events' to that page, which is far more useful e.g. for readers of clicking the obvious link 'Past Events' in its left column. And it no longer causes people being sent back-and-forth between both pages that linked one another: Those www site readers interested in 'Past Events' had here to click 'List of rides', there saw a link 'Past events' and would have thought it to go to the page on this wiki site that they had been looking for... only to find themselves on a merry-go-round. Now they go apparently straight to all the goodies.
A typo brought to my attentions that other pages have names about 'rides' whereas for no clear reason the now redirecting page had 'events'. Good riddance.
SomeHuman 2010-01-19 20:06/21:09 (GMT)

I disagree – the Past events page, however short, serves a different purpose from List of rides. Although the latter lists previous dates too, its main purpose is to emphasise future events. A list of links to previous rides info would be better kept on a separate page. You're right though – the name could be changed to 'Previous rides' or 'Previous events' (not all WNBR events are rides), in line with titling elsewhere. --Nsayers 02:17, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

New purposes

In more than three years there had been no event mentioned in 'Past events' at any moment [apart from two 2006 rides updates more than 2.5 years ago; and a 2008 link to another site that redirected to this wiki's Sao Paula page, and which you simply and justly removed without integration in 'Previous rides data']. Your moving of all 2006 (which I discovered when I wanted to do the same - thanks!) and few earlier informations made perfectly clear that whatever intention the 'Past events' page might have had till july 2006, had been utterly abandoned. But then in your above revert comment you claim a purpose for 'Past events'... That must then be a new purpose, what would that be then?

I had pointed out te discrepancy between the use of the term 'rides' in the name of other pages and templates, and 'events' for 'Past events'. Obviously, the latter had replaced the 'pastevents' page [/resources/pastevents.html, now obliterated] on site to which its main page once had linked. This wiki's 'Past events' simply inherited its name (without having given it much thought), and then had its link 'Past Events' targeting this wiki's page.
So, surprisingly, in your above revert comment you state 'rides' and 'events' not being the same. As for English terminology, I can't agree more. As for the purpose of this wiki's page, I can't disagree more: This is the World Naked Bike Ride wiki of site This entire site is only about ride events. If you want to organise World Naked Bike Weightlifting or World Tricycle Acrobacy Tournaments, be someone's guest but neither SomeHuman's nor this wiki's that should never show a word on such events. All events here have been and should remain rides of contraptions powered straightforwardly by rather diverse bare-as-one-dares individuals in preferrably large groups.

If the page would have any persisting purpose, it should be named 'Previous rides': As your comment already pointed out, this wiki site uses the term 'Previous' and not 'Past' - which part of the name had once also been inherited, no doubt. As a Bureaucrat here, you assumedly have sufficient clutter to get the link target of 'Past Events' at modified to the new name. (In the short meanwhile, there can be two identical pages here to prevent a broken link; afterwards one should redirect 'Past events' to 'Previous rides' to accomodate any other external links to this wiki.)
Contrarily, I still see no valid purpose for any 'Past events' aka 'Previous rides' content that would not clearly belong to other pages, be it the [Previous] 'Ride locations' category and its sub categories, List of rides, or Previous rides data - or History. And without such purpose, the page (without need for renaming) should be an immediate redirect (to 'List of rides' that doubles nearly all links of the 'Past events' page - and can easily accommodate the few missing ones as I had proven shortly before your revert there as well; details can be worked out).

I had explained the 'Past events' merry-go-round. It's most unprofessional, utterly annoying, causing readers to quickly run to other Internet interests... and by my redirect entirely solved. Your reinstating 'Past events' as a page now without link to it from 'List of rides' prevents sending potentially in this wiki interested people back-and-forth, thanks for that.
In short: What realistic purpose does a page 'Previous/Past rides/events' have that we can honestly expect to be properly maintained? If it would indeed be unavoidable, the merry-go-round needs to remain solved without disadvantages - if ever useful, how does one get there now from this site? Without some overwhelming need for page content of which the purpose then also needs to be stated in view of readers/editors, 'Past events' must be a redirect.
But certainly if this page might have its own purpose, it must not be a target from the main WNBR site's home page with now only 'Past Events' under 'Archive' implying to render info about rides - that link needs to be replaced with a new one to 'List of rides' under 'General Info'. [Sentence inserted 2010-02-01]

One sidenote: On two separate occasions, I had explained that 'Previous ride locations' is a badly chosen term: that is not evidently about 'Locations of previous rides' (the proposed unambiguous wording), but more clearly appears to mean 'Previous locations for rides' as if there would never be another ride there again. My edits had used the proper terminology throughout without renaming the categories (as that might be an overkill less it could easily be automated by replacing all occurances in pages).
SomeHuman 2010-01-20 07:12/07:34 (GMT)