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World Naked Bike Ride history

Photo of the 2003 Bare As You Dare bikers courtesy of Artists For Peace

Information partially borrowed from WNBR: Resources: A Brief History of WNBR

Prior to 2004, two organizations had nude cyclists protesting oil dependency: the Artists for Peace in Canada and the Manifestación Ciclonudista in Spain. Despite having virtually identical messages and strategies neither group even knew of the existence of the other.

The first international naked bike ride was a collaboration between the World Naked Bike Ride group, which rode on the twelfth of June 2004, and the Manifestación Ciclonudista with its event on the nineteenth. The WNBR group is a creation by Conrad Schmidt to help coordinate a large international naked bike ride between many different activist groups across the world.

When and how this caught on at locations worldwide can be found from the List of rides. Most cities in the sphere of influence of a Romance language have their World Naked Bike Rides by the name Ciclonudista or a derivative.

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A history of naked cycling

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Text taken from WNBR: Resources: A history of unabashed free-wheelers!

The bicycle was invented in the early 1800s. Early fashions were extremely cumbersome and dangerous for the rider. Like the open water swimmers who rejected the dangerously heavy swimwear of their day, there can be little doubt many tried riding their cycles naked, however, little information about such outings was made.

For the most part the naked cycling that has taken place has been mostly at naturist/nudist communities and resorts around the world. Small community festivals, less-traveled roads, mountain trails, and other remote outdoor areas have also been favorite places for those looking for peace and fresh air away from their hectic urban lives.

As streaking became popularized in 1974, more streakers reached for their bikes for some fun variation. Several parades and fairs became targets for those wishing to crash the event and add a bit of spontaneity and thrills. The Summer Solstice Parade in Fremont District of Seattle is probably the best example. Naked riders also showed up randomly at Critical Mass events around the world.

All of the groups on this page have had their own approach to cycling naked. Some focus on body painting and participate within the context of ancient cultural celebrations. Others use their body to bring attention to political issues. Some ride at night and others during the day. Some ride tricycles, unicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, or rollerblades. What is your city's ride going to be like?