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The Australian portion of the World Naked Bike Ride is being endorsed or supported by:



Newcastle Bike-Ecology Centre

Newcastle's own environmental, not-for-profit, community based, sustainable transport, no green-wash cars, bikefun centre. Push bike co-op: We take pre-loved bikes & parts that are then restored by volunteers. Free workshops on how to fix bikes, cycling tips, & traffic skills. If you want a bike, we help you recycle one, for free! Volunteers welcome to help save the world through BIKEFUN!

Critical Mass Newcastle

Critical Mass Newcastle ride on the first Friday of every month from Civic Park (opposite the Town Hall). Assemble at 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start. Ride Daily! Celebrate Monthly!
Critical Mass Newcastle Wiki

Critical Mass Sydney

Sydney's Critical Mass gathers from 17:30 on the last Friday of every month. We leave the Archibald Fountain at the north end of Hyde Park (here's a map) at about 18:00 and ride around for about an hour.
Critical Mass Sydney mailing list
Critical Mass Sydney Wiki

Critical Mass Australia

The following international website has information about Critical Mass in Australia.
Critical Mass Wiki
This is a wiki website for information about Critical Mass bike rides in cities around the world.
It has free information space for local Critical Mass groups.
If you are involved in a local Critical Mass group, you can add information and upload flyers to this site.
This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date Critical Mass website.

Bicycle Institute of South Australia Inc.

BISA, founded in 1974, is a voluntary, not-for profit association that exists to advocate for a safe and pleasant cycling environment in South Australia.

Newcastle Cycleways Movement Inc.

Work with Government bodies to improve bicycle facilities in the Greater Newcastle Area.
Its aims are to promote the safe responsible use of bicycles for transport, leisure and fitness.
Members get bike riding insurance, discounts, rides, legal advice, and more.

The Biking Revolution

Cycling Promotion Fund

The Otesha Project (Australia): Cycling for Sustainability

The objectives of The Otesha Project (Australia) are to increase awareness about the impacts of the products and resources we consume, increase the number of responsible consumer choices made by young Australians, and increase the number of young role models and sustainability advocates.

Cycle Strongman

An eight year odyssey to circle the globe

Mechanarchy - Equity Through Knowledge and Creativity

Newcastle University Bike Users Group

Documentary and art images

Second Sight Photography

photographed the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 WNBR in Newcastle.

Purple Spider Studio

photographed the 2005 WNBR in Newcastle.

Rowanmacs - Photography

filmed the 2005, 2006 and 2007 WNBR in Newcastle.

Always Amazing Art & Entertainment

At The Vanishing Point - Contemporary Art Inc.


Newcastle University Students' Association (NUSA)

NUSA Environment Collective



Rising Tide Australia Grassroots Climate Action

Future energy

Future energy has great information pages on climate change, clean energy, polluting energy, energy efficient homes and transport solutions.


The Rainforest Information Centre


Global Climate Change Action

Transition Town Newcastle


Cultural Stomp Festival

Newcastle’s annual Multicultural and Community Festival, to be held in Civic Park on Saturday 1 May 2010 in Civic Park, under the theme: Radiate the Light ..... Each one of us shares the common bond of humanity. When we consciously walk in our humanity we have a responsibility to teach and to share with others so that they too may enjoy the blessings of awareness.

The Octapod Association

This Is Not Art

Independent, emerging + experimental arts festival
Newcastle Australia
1st - 5th October 2009
We love push bikes and will provide the bike, accessories, activities and fun for FREE! Bikes are the easy, cheap, enviro friendly way to get around town and connect with our community. All day: Bike fixing and traffic skills workshops. Help fix / check your own bike OR choose one to help fix and keep. Buy or borrow bikes from the Newcastle Community Bike Library. Bike Activism workshops on Bike User Groups, Bike Co-op models, Critical Mass & World Naked Bike Ride.

The Royal Exchange

Byron Bay - Rainbow Region Community Noticeboard

blueorange natural health, sprituality + social activism

Aduki Independent Press

The Grove

is a community based network centre working with many other like minded people and groups with a commitment to social change.

Alexis Dubus

Actor and comedian says:
"I'm a UK comedian doing a show at the Adelaide Fringe about nudity, called "A Surprsingly Tasteful Show About Nudity." I'm trying to persuade 100 members of my audience to do the ride, and if they do, I'll do it myself."


Lee Rhiannon MLC

NSW Greens Member of the Legislative Council, NSW Parliament.

Michael Osborne

Newcastle Greens Councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor on Newcastle City Council.

Ian McKenzie

Newcastle Greens former Councillor on Newcastle City Council.


Free Beaches Australia Inc.

South East Queensland Naturists

A forum for SE Queensland naturists. Regular group bushwalks and social activities are held around SE Queensland.

Australian Sun and Health

Is a family oriented magazine focussed on the naturist lifestyle within Australia.

It's about relaxation, freedom from restriction - its about being FREE!

Solar West

Peace, Disarmament and Anti-Nuclear

Newcastle Nudists for Peace (no link)

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If you would like to offer support or endorsement of WNBR Australia, please email Marte Kinder, the Australia Coordinator.


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