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future events?

Just ideas at this point

Jun 2010

WNBR Seattle @ Seattle Critical mAss

Mid July 2010

WNBR Seattle Downtown Ride

Late July 2010

WNBR Seafair Night Ride

July 2010

WNBR Seattle @ Seattle Critical mAss

July 2010

WNBR Seattle @ Jaybird Run (Torchlight Run)

July/Aug 2010

WNBR Seafair 2009 Seafair calls itself "Seattle's Summer Celebration". WNBR Seattle offers its first Seafair ride as an alternative to the high-octane, big money, oil-dependent culture that dominates Lake Washington during the Hydroplane races and Blue Angels show. We will travel down Lake Washington Blvd to Seward Park.

Aug 2010

WNBR Seattle Night Ride

Aug 2010

Hemp Ride

Aug 2010

WNBR Seattle @ Seattle Critical mAss

Hug a tree

2007 date scheduling

Ride will be Saturday, July 14, 2007. Seattle has some conflicts that it needs to consider for scheduling.

Too many naked bike rides too close together!

This ride must not conflict with the Solstice Cyclists on the Saturday closest to Summer Solstice in June or Body Pride Ride which is the week after that. In 2005 and 2006, there were three naked bike rides in three weeks! Way too many, especially for the organizers and artists who are staging the event.

Hemp Ride is not a concern since it will always be scheduled around WNBR and will take place in August.

Other conflicts

We also want to avoid conflict with any regional Burning Man events such as Critical Massive and Burn in the Forest (mid July) or the Seattle to Portland Ride (if possible). We also really enjoyed the Group Health Bicycle Saturday and Sundays event, which is only on select weekends. Also, if we schedule too late in the summer, it is harder for us to get access to the International Fountain at the Seattle Center. It would also be good not to conflict with Bare Buns Fun Runs. Lifeguards are not even dispatched to Seattle public beaches until late June.

Seattle has scheduled Sat, 14 July 2007, as it is several weeks after BPR (much needed breathing room) and it falls on a Group Health Bicycle Saturday and Sundays day. Some in the bodypainting team want it even later in July or August while others want to keep in line with the dates of other global WNBR events.



  • a collective/hive of a dozen people


Best guess for Group Health Bike Sat/Sun is Saturday, July 12, 2008. Seems to usually be the 2nd Saturday monthly. STP 2008 isn't posted, but may be known to organizers at GH or CBC. J.Steve 00:21, 23 July 2007 (PDT)

Community Networking / Propaganda Opportunities

J.Steve 00:21, 23 July 2007 (PDT)