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See also our archive of the 2006 route.


  • Date was Saturday 14 July 2007 (NB: change to July from June for better weather)
  • Time was 9am-12.25pm: bodypainting, bike art, costuming party and Cyclomundo. Get your mutant cycling vehicle decorated and paint your comrades! 12.30pm: Ride starts (half hour later than in previous years).
  • Location: Fairview Park, in the Eastlake neighborhood at 2900 Fairview Ave E (Google Map)

2007 route components

The WNBR Seattle 2007 ride experience will be similar to the ride we did in 2006 with a few changes.

  • We will be starting at Fairview Park, adjacent to the Eastlake P-Patch. This will be the first year we will not start at Gas Works Park. The reason we are not at Gas Works is due to a scheduling conflict, partially a result of Daniel initially scheduling the ride for July 7 (incorrectly thinking that was the date of the Group Health Bicycle Saturday and Sunday event).
  • Ciclomundo: World Global Body Painting Village!
  • Meet Aussie WNBR Superstars Marte Kinder Organiser of WNBR Newcastle (Australia), WNBR Australia Coordinator and Media Liaison and Michael Trowbridge. These two are setting a new distance record for travelling to WNBR Seattle!
  • Seattle Center International Fountain stop (3rd visit for WNBR)
  • Since 2006 we scheduled regular bathroom breaks with the City so we can reduce the numbers of awkward moments when nature calls without having a proper place to go.
  • We will introduce a rolling start location (after leaving Fairview) for those squeamish about undressing anywhere near cameras. We scheduled this in 2006 but our ride lead forgot to stop at the location. This concept has worked well for other rides. The rolling start location will not be announced to the public.
  • Snack and activity break at Cal Anderson. Possible activity with parachute.
  • Possible reroute and stop to/at Madison Park Beach (depending on how many people we have).
  • Yoga in the Park. This is the second year we are scheduling a yoga/stretching/relaxation component, provided by Matt Meko of Mekosun, to help riders stay flexible, limber and in good spirits. This will be at Madrona Park again.
  • The WNBR cycling tour will occur after leaving Capital Hill and is intended to be more of a relaxing cycling ride, inspired by Nackt Radtour rides in Germany, less shouting and screaming than the urban portion and more relaxing and scenic views. The touring leg is intended for those with more cycling experience and endurance who would like to make a day of the experience. This second leg is just a suggestion at this point, it was more or less originally planned for 2005 but that ride was rained out after our stop at Volunteer Park.

Schedule, suggested stops, special instructions and route considerations

(consider staggering local event if there is another WNBR event going on close by

  • 5:30 - 9 am - setup with Info stall, setup bodypainting structure, and photo-free zone
  • 8:30 - 9:30 am - Info stall active, bodypainting sessions start

We will also have more privacy screen areas this year at the park to initially screen the group of people who wish to get bodypainted out of the public eye before making their grand appearance. Those who want to take off more later will have an opportunity to do so at the rolling start location.

  • 11-12 noon - musicians perform
  • 9 - 11:45 am - distribute flyers to participants, and other flyers to hand out during ride
  • 11 am - 12 pm - distribute noisemakers, whistles, slogans
  • 12 pm - Ride assembly at Fairview Park
  • 12 pm - Skits, speeches, pre-ride announcements (if any)
  • 12:30 Vamanos!

First leg

Fairview Park via South Lake Union waterfront neighborhood to International Fountain (Seattle Center, Downtown)
A comfortably-paced first ride for those who have a minimum of cycling experience.
  • 12:30 pm (ish) - Ride sets off from Fairview Park. Some may just wish to cycle from Fairview Park to the Seattle Center (about a 15 min. fast ride/20 min slow ride)
  • 12:40 pm - Breakdown crew tears down art installations/bodypainting area/tabling and moves to secure site.
  • 12:45 pm - Rolling start location? (people have option of disrobing away from cameras)
  •  ??? pm - Bathroom break opportunity #1
  • 1 pm (ish) - Arrive at Scheduled stop #1 - Seattle Center (note entry restrictions and special route info below).
  • Arrive at International Fountain (No bike ride zone/walk your bikes only in this area. Stay no longer than 15-20 mins) IMPORTANT! Special Instructions for Seattle Center. We must be more vigilant this year in terms of safety and politeness when dealing with the general public at The Seattle Center. Please see map. (1) We must enter and exit The Seattle Center at the east entrance on Harrison Street (on the north side of The Experience Music Project). (2) After passing the EMP turnaround area on the left (be very wary of bike-unfriendly-curb) we must ride slowly and in single file, (3) then before turning the corner to enter the International Fountain area, we must all get off our bikes and walk with our bikes into the fountain area (new interactive map). Bicycles are not permitted down into the water area. Lock your bike, walk down the ramps. We will spend no more than 15-20 minutes in the fountain. (4) We must leave The Seattle Center the same way we came in. To orient yourself, the Space Needle is located to the southeast. Please examine our Seattle Center area map (larger 378KB, smaller 141KB) with visual indicators indicating where to do what. Please also be very polite and vocal (or ring bells) when passing around adults and children in the area. We have also been asked not to use amplified sound such as megaphones in this area. Thank you for ensuring a safe and fun Seattle Center experience for everybody!
  • (Transfer point for people coming in or leaving, non-cyclists welcome at this stop)

Second leg

Seattle Center (Downtown) to Cal Anderson Park (Capital Hill). We may have a police escort during our SPD East Precinct leg. We are working with a East Precinct Community Police Officer on this.
Be prepared to go up a steady, but mangeable hill to Capital Hill, this approach should more interest and a better response than going through the International District. Take a breather and relax for a spell before continuing on ride.
  • 1:20 pm (ish) - leave International Fountain at Seattle Center (we must leave the same way we came in)
  •  ??? pm - Bathroom break opportunity #2
  • Up Pike Street (avoid International District, many people have complained that our 2004 and 2005 visits on Jackson Street were a bit lackluster)
  • 2? Arrive Cal Anderson (also known as Teletubby Hill [1]) Park pictures: [2] [3] [4] Quicktime VR: [5]
  • Cal Anderson bathroom break.
  • Cal Anderson short stop near water feature (do not climb on or go in the water feature, do not be tempted to run and frolic among the raised rock features in the pool (they are just there to look at and contemplate world peace and harmony), you could easily slipand fall. Seriously though, don't go in the water, its can be dangerous and the City discourages the activity. It is also possible that kids will ask their parents why they can't go in too, making parents get upset. The City has expressed concern that the homeless youth might also be easily incited to rip off their clothes as well. So show a little bit of restraint in your exuberant behavior.
  • Enjoy a small snack and drink and relax for a bit.
  • Possible group parachute activity.
  • (Transfer point for people coming in or leaving)

Third leg

Cal Anderson (Capital Hill) to Madronna Park (Beach) on Lake Washington
Leaving the urban core of the city and changing the pace to a more scenic, relaxing, stunning view along Lake Washington with a view of the Cascades to the East. This portion is meant for people really looking to expand their usual urban WNBR/Critical Mass cycling experience to something a bit less hectic. Ride intended to hook up with closed off road cycling event in the Seward Park area.
  • Leave Cal Anderson 2:20ish?
  • via Pike to Madison Ave or less busy route?
  • Work way to Lake Washington Blvd.
  • Arrive at Madronna Park (bathroom break) arrive around 2:30 pm? Note: We may be avoiding Madrona and going to Leschi instead.
  • 5 - 10 min yoga/stretching/relaxation component at Madronna or Leschi, provided by Mekosun
  • Depart around 2:55?
  • Travel down Lake Washington Blvd, along Lake Washington
  • Participate in Group Health Bicycle Saturdays and Sundays Our destination for leg three of WNBR Seattle 2006. Note that Lake Washington Boulevard will be closed to motorized traffic from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Arrive at Seward Park around 3:45 PM?

Final leg

Seward Park/Lake Washington to Fairview Park
A relaxing cycle trip back along the Lake and along Lake Washington Blvd, through the Arboretum, and over the Mountlake Bridge, a very scenic leg of the tour
  • (Transfer point for people coming in or leaving)
  • Leave Seward Park around 3 pm?
  • via stop at Madrona Park Beach or Leschi (bathroom opportunity)
  • via Washington Park Arboretum/Lake Washington Blvd.
  • via Montlake Bridge
  • via Burke Gilman Trail
  • via Peace Park
  • via Roosevelt/University Bridge
  • via Eastlake
  • 6:30 - 8 pm? - Last leg of Ride expected to return to Fairview Park
  • 6:30 - 8 pm? - Check start site again for cleanliness, personal belongings
  • after ride pm - After party at secret location revealed only to cyclists

Parks to visit

Provided for sake of Parks & Recreation parks use permit request. Major stops in bold. Listed in expected order of arrival, multiple stops not listed.

  • Fairview Park and Eastlake P-Patch (also [6])Body painting party from 9 am to 12:30 pm, start and end location of bike ride. There will be one portable sanitation unit for restroom use.
  • undisclosed park - Rolling-start location. Some may choose to disrobe here. < 20 mins
  • Seattle Center and the International Fountain - Fountain activity, bathroom opportunity. Seattle Center Map and info on the International Fountain < 45 mins.
  • Westlake Park < 15 mins. Short stop
  • Cal Anderson Park (North end of Park, mainly NE section) Bathroom break. Snack break and short activity on lawn areas north of shelter house/comfort stations< 60 mins.
  • Madison Park Beach Bathroom opportunity, stretch, swimming opportunity. < 45 mins.
  • Madrona Park (Seattle) (this may change to Leschi due to scheduling conflicts) Bathroom opportunity, Yoga in the Park (1st choice for this stretching activity) < 25 mins
  • Leschi Park (Seattle) Bathroom opportunity, Yoga in the Park (2nd choice for this stretching activity) < 25 mins
  • Group Health Bicycle Saturdays and Sundays Participate in event. Note that Lake Washington Boulevard will be closed to motorized traffic from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. < 120 mins
  • Stan Sayres Memorial Park Bathroom opportunity, short stop. < 20 mins
  • Seward Park Bathroom opportunities, rest and snack time, swimming opportunity at the North Beach< 60 mins
  • Burke-Gilman Trail Use trail when traveling west from Montlake to Roosevelt Way.

Other Parks along the route

Along the ride we will be passing by or through several parks but we will probably not be stopping. These parks include:

Parks previously visited

Previous WNBR events includes stops at the following parks: