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Listed alphabetically by last name


JC has been taking photos for our events since 2004 and also photographs other local events and personalities.

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson is a student of permaculture. Founder of WNBR Seattle, Organic Living Party. Co-founder of World Naked Bike Ride, Body Freedom Collaborative, World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD), Nude Beaches Yes! campaign and Gardens Everywhere Bike Parade.

J. Steve

Helps with coordination of Coordination of WNBR Seattle (including work with Seattle Center and ride management). Founder of Body Pride Ride.


Coordination of 11 July 2009 event.

Kelda Miller

Kelda Miller is a permaculture design who gardens urban sites in Pierce County. She was trained at the Bullock Permaculture Homestead, co-originated the Seattle Permaculture Guild, then later went on to teach at Wise Earth Ecological Landtrust, Seattle Tilth, MetroParks Tacoma, and at various Permaculture Design Courses. She also is naked bike enthusiast who has also worked at Key West's clothing optional bar 'The Garden of Eden'.

Kelda is co-founder of Gardens Everywhere Bike Parade and she came up with the name.


Franz has been extensively painting human canvasses and is one of Seattle's top body painters and has painted for WNBR, Solstice Cyclists, Romp Naked and Prosperity for five years. In 2004, Franz' work was described as "splendid" by the Seattle Times.

Franz specializes in hand-made bees wax candles, perfumes, wildcrafted massage oils, flax crackers and smudge sticks.


Coordination of 11 July 2009 event.


Kelly and Jim have helped extensively in designing early privacy screens for use in public parks for our body painting parties and are great body painting artists.

JayBee is a local photographer, specializing in nudes. He has been a supporter and photographer for the various naked rides in Seattle since 2008.